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  1. Evan

    Tool to run MagicJack as a Windows Service

    This tool is designed to remove the annoying MagicJack UI from the desktop and run your MagicJack behind the scenes as a Windows service. It is totally automated and only takes a few seconds to run. It has been tested with Windows 7 and Vista, but should work on all versions of Windows runnng...
  2. Evan

    Fuel leak

    I started my truck up today and noticed fuel pouring out the bottom. Tracked the leak down to the fitting that connects the pressure regulator to the return line. I don't know anything about that fitting. How do I disconnect it from the FPR? Can it be fixed? Help! (Pic below)
  3. Evan

    Yes... I'm asking about a Dana 30.

    No. It's not opinion or gut feeling. It's objective and scientific. The D30 has comparatively thin axle tubes, and a small ring gear. Both the 35 and the 44 beat it in these two important categories. And of course many D30s have small 260x joints, unit bearings, and low pinions. None of them...
  4. Evan

    "Fuzzy locker"?

    I hope you realize that if you weld up your front your turning radius will suck and your tires will wear faster. :thefinger: I don't think the carrier is designed to handle a load in that direction. My fear would be that it will snap in half. Even though you only have a 2.9L, with the way you...
  5. Evan

    Manual vs power doors

    How easy is it to swap a manual mechanism into a power window door, on a 1991 Explorer?
  6. Evan

    Yes... I'm asking about a Dana 30.

    A Dana 30 on a Ranger is a waste of time and money and will only hold you back. If you're intent on a SAS, go with at least a 44. It'll pay off in the long run. The best axle to run locked with 35s from an economic standpoint is a Dana 35 TTB with some mild upgrades.
  7. Evan

    Ackerman steering principle

    Is there a difference between the steering knuckles on a 2dr Explorer and a 4dr Explorer? Technically, there should be, right? In order to get the ackerman angle correct, you would need different knuckles since the wheelbase lengths are different.
  8. Evan

    ford 9 inch?

    Wow. Just when you think you've seen it all...
  9. Evan

    Leaky front seal on M5OD

    Last night there was a puddle of ATF on the ground under my truck. The source was the bellhousing. It looks like my input seal is going bad on my M5OD. Couple Questions: If a bad input bearing ruined the seal, where can I buy a replacement bearing? I found the seal at Autozone for $10 but I...
  10. Evan

    Play in balljoints with 2-piece alignment bushings

    I installed some two-piece 4 degree alignment bushings on my Dana 35. Yesterday I noticed a bunch of play in the top of the knuckle. I thought it was bad upper joints, but realized the shaft of the balljoint is not being clamped enough....it is loose within the bushing. Even if I crank the pinch...
  11. Evan

    2002 F350 dana 60 question???

    $200 is an awesome deal. If it were me I'd be regearing and swapping 35 spline outers on there anyway, so many of those costs mentioned are of no concern.
  12. Evan

    Noise from rear end

    Last time I had my rear end apart I noticed some rust on the carrier. So I added several cups of sand to the gear oil, figuring the abrasive properties would clean the rust off. After a few hundered miles my rear sounds like a hellicopter. Did the sand somehow damage it??
  13. Evan

    Got a Teksid block in my 2001 Cobra!!

    Just checked and my Cobra was one of the 2001s that received the stronger Teksid block, instead of the weaker Windsor Aluminum Plant (WAP) block. The Teksid can handle up to 900 HP with little or no modification. I doubt I'll ever get to that level though.
  14. Evan

    PPI of softride coils

    Does anyone know what the PPI rating is on a set of Skyjacker softride springs?
  15. Evan

    Waggy 44 or EB 44

    If you want to run 37s, you should go with a Dana 60.
  16. Evan

    Broke axle what next?

    ??? Junkie knows his stuff.
  17. Evan

    Broke axle what next?

    Dana 60. :beer: Or, throw some 760s in there with full clips, and don't go too nuts with the wheels cut all the way.
  18. Evan

    Best Dana 30

    Yup. The Ranger has beefy framerails, and a heavier body, compared to a lightweight unibody Jeep.
  19. Evan

    ok, i need to be educated

    There is an awesome tech library here. Spend a few hours in there and you'll be a 4x4 expert. :D
  20. Evan

    4x4 swap from a f-150 ??

    None of it is a bolt in swap, but all the parts can be swapped in without too much fab work.

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