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  1. 8.8 traclok for what it,s worth

    Hello I went through a bad time when I removed the traclok and installed a open carrier and a lockright,I had one on my 1989 ranger and it worked very smooth, u had to put one of the wheels in a ditch with low traction to tell if it still worked. Then came the time to take the axles out for a...
  2. Computer problems

    Hi, I have a 1994 ranger 4.0 5 speed 4x4, Have been having problems with the engine running poorly and missing then shutting off. Been though all the codes change almost everything it ran good for awhile and its back, now I get code 522 and code 159. Got a replacement maf still runs bad...
  3. 1994 4.0 Running Bad

    Hi hope you guess can help. Went to the car wash and things went bad within a half of mile, missing not power shut of, backfiring the works!! I don,t like to be a parts changer but now I am. New coilpack, New IAC, New left hand Ox sensor, New reman MAF. fuel pressure good all the time, last...
  4. Truck missing

    My truck is a 94 extended cab 4.0 5speed trans. For awhile now from time to time Id climb a hill and sometimes it would miss fire. Lately it was starting to miss a little in the morning, I changed the plugs and it idles good now but now until it gets good and warm it misses real bad, then...
  5. Just saying hello

    I just own the 1994 extend cab, its pretty much stock, it has onboard air with a semi air tank and a warn m8000 , 32 inch tires. iam ex airforce hydraulic specialist on C5A, C141 and some other ones. Worked heavy equipment for awhile then got into industrial repair work for about 20 years, ran...
  6. ranger core support

    Hi I would like to know if anyone has a preferred way of repairing rusted out front core support mounts, looks like most of the rust in on the core support? Would like any ideas on this, Thanks PKH:icon_welder:
  7. 94 ranger started to use oil overnight

    My ranger started to use oil almost over night, its not leaking on the ground it also does not appear to be smoking but tail pipe show it whats up?
  8. 1994 4.0 oil use

    Suddenly starting to use oil, not realy smoking, where is it going. thanks pat k
  9. 94 Ranger Vibration

    I have a 1994 4.0 5speed supercab ranger, I had a tinking sound when you change direction from the rear of the truck, Replaced all universal,s plus carrier bearing they all had grease still in them, put greaseable ones in. Still have the sound but the truck seems to be running smoother. Also in...
  10. 94 4.0 ranger power

    What are some of the good power mods that realy payoff 94 ranger 3.73 rears 5 speed,K+N air filter, after maket rebuilt rocker shafts,32inch At,s standard plugs, tried E3,s didn,t run well don,t know why 2001explorer loved them other than that stock. Pat K
  11. On board air compressor

    I,ve read a lot of good information on this sight, what I would like to do is help with what I know about.. In 1999 I started a hydraulic, and pneumatic repair business, was trained in the AIR FORCE on aircraft along with CaT Heavy equipment. I didn,t have much money but I needed air for my...
  12. 1994 two piece drive shaft repair and lift

    Does anyone know if adaleaf spring addition will cause trouble with two piece drive shaft and is it worth having the drive shaft balanced after rebuilding!
  13. PKH 1994 horn location

    1994 ranger Where is the horn pkh

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