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  1. bobbywalter

    1994 4x4 manual TDI swap

    what engine?
  2. bobbywalter

    Will 3.0L Vulcan intake tube fit 4.0L Cologne (OHV)?

    am i understanding you correctly? you put silicone post air filter on an intake tube? i would use a later unit and airbox.....with your meter. just keep an eye on the fuel trims.
  3. bobbywalter

    NOTICE TRS Calendar 2024

    madman crazeeee is plan enough....
  4. bobbywalter

    2002 F250 diesel - discovery and build thread.

    the 4r100 tend to be better....the e4od go through alot of converters....if you swap em out at first sign of issues the trans will make it a long long ways. when they start slipping most people keep running them and then trash the trans.
  5. bobbywalter

    2.5L ('98-'01) Truck runs like it's cammed intermittently

    Almost sounds like canister purge line is open pulling air.... or egr
  6. bobbywalter

    Will a Holley sniper work with a 1985 A4LD?

    Just needs a psi switch. Sniper don't run a transmission.
  7. bobbywalter

    2002 F250 diesel - discovery and build thread.

    Hopefully she flys good for you. I loved mine
  8. bobbywalter

    2002 F250 diesel - discovery and build thread.

  9. bobbywalter

    Fun old article in Motor Trend

    40 years....still bullshit...In Regard to v8
  10. bobbywalter

    1988 Aerostar

    The aerostar front setup has been used on rangers....similar fashion as the crown Vic and mustang 2 aftermarket stuff.....back when they were everywhere.....
  11. bobbywalter

    1988 Aerostar

    I knew him.....rode in it and checked it out back then. Last I knew he had like 12 daughters.....so. a bit busy.
  12. bobbywalter

    1999 Expo O2 Questions

    maybe the module was damaged during the theft. 1. Turn ignition from OFF to RUN 8 times within 10 seconds, with the 8th time ending in RUN. Door locks will cycle to confirm programming mode. 2. Within 20 seconds press any button on first keyless remote. Door locks will cycle to confirm...
  13. bobbywalter

    Front Axle Noise

    yup. normal ford noises... gonna have that.
  14. bobbywalter

    5.0 Performance Upgrade Options.

    36# is what we used to use. left N/A that would be a solid setup....possibly pushing those 24 pounders past the line. with the supercharger a holley efi setup would be decent. definitely will need to upgrade fuel system. as long as you buy good injectors you will be able to tune idle...
  15. bobbywalter

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    ....have to re-fill the bronco with antifreeze....blew the upper radiator hose off and dumped er right out.... adjusted brakes for balance ....well...front and rear drums...so they still suck in regards to balance but the pedal is alot higher... put new steering linkage on...sort of noticable...
  16. bobbywalter

    TFI ---> EDIS conversion?

    running the early style with no cam sensor i would leave the distributor in place so your options are simpler later. i suggest to keep the 2.9 injectors...and make the adapter to incorporate the ignition setup from the 4.0... tuning this vintage is a pia.. and for relatives.....the...
  17. bobbywalter

    Off the trail...

    my truck when the original owner first bought it, went to the bottom of a lake before it even had a metal plate.... my wife took her dads truck...brand new....out to where i always went...and totalled it....the body was ok....but the water and mud in the engine, trans, t case and diffs...
  18. bobbywalter

    Custom made or upgraded steering column!!!

    running the 37.9....od. they do not have these listed here now. so mcmaster car is out.....and that sux. cause i was planning on 7 dollars and not 57.

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