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  1. Buying A Shotgun

    I have a 835 Mossberg & a 870 wingmaster. Both are well built.
  2. First Lever Gun

    I have 2 lever guns. A Marlin 39a 22 & A Browning BLR 308. Both are very accurate. I don't know about the Rossi you want but the Rossi guns I have seen were good.
  3. Concealed Carry Pistol Thread

    I took the class last month. I don't know when my permit will show. They are so backed up it could be 6 weeks. I use a Ruger LC9 for my carry gun. It has heavier recoil springs & a Galloway trigger kit. The kit really made the trigger feel good. The heavy springs cut the recoil way down. Its a...
  4. My 03 Edge system

    I have a small system in my Ranger. The front speakers are Exodus Audio Anarchy 6.5s & a set of Morel tweets. I have a Skar vvx10in a ported box tuned to 30 hz. I use a JL Audio 500/1to drive it. My fronts are driven by old school amps. I use a PG ms275 & a yamaha 320.My head unit is a Alpine...
  5. Concealed Carry Pistol Thread

    I carry a Ruger LCP 380. I know its small to many folks but i like having it in my pocket.
  6. Newbie from La.

    I've had my ranger since 09. I like the truck. I hate the 3.0 it has in it. No power & crappy mileage. I'm working on a 302 swap fro a Mercury a buddy has. I have a good stereo in the truck.It will hit 138db with one 10 inch sub

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