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  1. What all do I need for a V8 Swap?

    Before anyone even comments, yes, I've read the tech articles. I want to hear some opinions on Carbed or EFI 302/5.0. I also would like to know what transmission, transfer case, and front axle I would need. Which vehicle would be a better donor? What would be the simplest when it comes to...
  2. Unkown Clicking Sound?!

    1989 Bronco II with 1992 Explorer 4.0, Dana 35, (godawful) A4LD, Auto Hubs, and BW1350 Electrical T-Case. After replacing the front brakes, the vehicle began clicking, and was especially noticeable when coasting. The sound is difficult to pinpoint from the cabin, as we (my dad and I) can't...
  3. 2WD to 4WD

    Has anyone swapped an 89 B2 to 4WD from 2WD with the God awful A4LD and electric shift t-case? If so, how would you wire the electric shift into the transmission harness? Is it already on the wiring of a 2WD B2 or will I need to steal one from a donor truck?
  4. 4.0 Wiring Help

    89 B2 with 92 Exploder engine. When key is turned, the starter does not engage, and the check oil pressure light comes on. Could it be that the truck is completely miswired, or that the oil sensor is trashed? Help?
  5. 2WD to Dana 35 swap help

    89 B2 w/ 4.0 and D35 from a 1992 Explorer. Will I need to get a different wiring harness? We followed the write up on the tech articles for a D28-D35. Only difference was it was a 2WD truck.
  6. Liftgate Won't Close Properly

    On my 89 B2 the driver's side closing system (those small latches that latch around the pin on the rear of the body) will not secure around the pin. It stays open and does not create a seal or turn off the cab light. Anyone else have this problem? How do I fix it. Oh, and the passenger's latch...
  7. Possibly selling B2

    89 B2, faded roof/hood, no dents, 4.0 conv., Dana 30 conv, automatic, clean interior, needs transmission. I also have 2 2.9s and the original dummy case, as well as an extra transmission (unknown status). I unfortunately am looking to possibly sell, and am wondering what a decent price for it...
  8. A4LD shaft question

    So me being 15 at the time, my father and I managed to get the shaft that connects between the transmission and the torque converter completely stuck in the converter. (is that the input shaft?) Needless to say the shaft and the converter are shot. How hard is it to replace the input shaft (if...
  9. M5od?

    I have an 89 B2 with a 4.0L and an A4LD. Which manual transmission would be easiest in terms of fabrication to swap in?
  10. Any Alabamians Need 2.9s?

    I know not many people keep 'em, but does anyone in Alabama want a 1989 2.9L from a B2? I did the 4.0 and the truck came with two 2.9s. The two engines, i could sell as a pair, because i have no idea if they work. I also have the engine harness for one 2.9. There is also a busted A4LD if anyone...
  11. Transmission Woes

    Well, after breaking the first 89 A4LD, and using the successfully mounting the second A4LD that came with the vehicle when purchased, my father and I realized that the shift lever was not facing towards the ground as it should, but up towards the floorboards of the Bronco II. We disassembled...
  12. 1992 Explorer front driveshaft removal

    Ok, long story short, its cheaper here where i am to purchase a used explorer front driveshaft for my Dana 35 conversion. i got the three of the four bolts out, the three that use the star tool, and how do you get the one that is a regular hex bolt out, or is that bolt just filled with rust and...
  13. Transfer Case And Driveshaft

    Anyone know what type or have pictures of the bolts for the front and rear driveshaft?
  14. 4.0 Conversion Fuel Line Help!

    Converting a 89 BII to 92 Exp. The fuel lines for the explorer are female, so my dad decided to cut them from another Explorer (we don't have a donor vehicle) and cut them right after the male connector behind the fuel filter. now we have a problem of transferring the male of the Explorer to the...
  15. 92/91 Explorer Differences?

    Anyone know if the harnesses between the 91 and 92 explorers are different? Im going from a 89 B2 to a 92 Exp 4.0. I saw a wiring guide on the Corral and i wanna see if it can help me with the wiring and vacuum lining
  16. 1989 BII 2.9- 1992 Explorer Wiring Help!

    Well, as the title states, I need help with the wiring and vacuum hoses to complete the swap. I have not seen an 89-92 conversion but has anyone else done this with the same model years, if so, please help!
  17. 4.0 Install!

    Ah, the time has finally come for my 1992 Explorer 4.0 to be dropped into my 89 BII.:yahoo: It's just me and my father working on it so any hints and tips will be gratefully excepted. The engine has the transmission mated to it and we will be dropping the whole assembly in. What should we watch...
  18. Lifting BII's For Cheap?

    Ok, i am 15, building a 89 BII, i want about a 2-3 inch lift, besides the stuff on the tech pages, is there any secrets to cheap lifting?:icon_confused::icon_bounceblue:
  19. Paint Options and other questions

    First, a local shop is having a deal for $270 base price paint jobs, so I'm rushing to earn the money and get my BII running, so now i have a possible issue: either way, I will black out the truck, so should I do gloss or satin? My friend's dad is taking his '70s Suburban to be painted OD Satin...
  20. Ford Racing Motor?

    Has anyone ever gotten a Ford Racing Crate Motor and put it in a BII or other RBV? I was looking at M-6007-X302B*, a 302 with about 345 hp, or even better the M-6007-Z363RT*, which has a displacement of 363 and about 500 hp. If i had the money and time, i would find a way to do it, but for now i...

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