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  1. 1988 2.9 rough idle, lots of smoke from exhaust.

    Might pull the vacuum line off the fuel pressure regulator and see if fuel is leaking past the diaphragm. and if so, replace the fuel pressure regulator and see if it clears up.
  2. 180° thermostat in 2.9l v6

    The only thing a thermostat does is determine the minimum operating temperature the rest of the cooling system determines what the normal operating temperature will be. 1 thought on this subject if you live in a cold climate, I would think about the warmer one. On the oil pressure subject I...
  3. Is Motorcraft Mercon V a good substitute for plain Mercon, can;t fine just Mercon for transmission?

    Born and raised in Orlando and I would not care to live there now, moved out here in 07. Florida has a much larger population now.
  4. Is Motorcraft Mercon V a good substitute for plain Mercon, can;t fine just Mercon for transmission?

    I personally don't like synthetics I prefer Dino oils as I am not a fan of extended service intervals. In manual gear boxes the difference is synchronizer material. The Toyo Koyo and the Mitsubishi boxes have brass syncro's and the Mazda's have lining material in them which is why the spec...
  5. Is Motorcraft Mercon V a good substitute for plain Mercon, can;t fine just Mercon for transmission?

    Mercon V is full synthetic Mercon and is backwards compatible with Mercon, and the old Ford type CJ. When full synthetic Mercon came out it was labeled as such, at some point Ford started labeling it as MerconV. Ford type F and Mercon LV and SP are different.
  6. Help high idle above 20 mph with a manual

    Test the clutch switch and make sure it's operating correctly, the pcm needs to know when you push the clutch down.
  7. 2.9l starter problems

    Do you have a block plate between the engine and the transmission bell housing?
  8. Bad Spark

    That is for a timing probe that is used on things like a Sun diagnostic machine. Most dealerships back in the day had these.
  9. A4LD won't engage.

    Then the transfer case is eliminated as a possible cause.
  10. A4LD won't engage.

    Are you sure the transfer case is not stuck in neutral?
  11. A noise that sounds like plastic rattling at highway speeds

    How about the radius arm bushings? Take the nuts and the rear half of the bushing off and have a look.
  12. 87 Ranger 2.9 Vacuum issue. I think.

    Crappy parts but that's a whole different thread.
  13. FM145 Neutral and backup light switches

    I believe 1 switch is the reverse switch and the other is for overdrive to tell the ECM that it's in OD.
  14. Wanted MANUAL TRANSMISSION THAT FITS 93 RANGER NEEDED: I am trying to find a used transmission for my 11/1992 Ford Ranger 2.9 L -4 cylinder.

    Try LKQ in Daytona they usually have quite a few rangers in their yard. It's a you pull it yard about a mile off of 95. You can also look at their inventory online and see pictures of the vehicles when they went in the yard. A little bit of a drive from Savanna.
  15. 1986 bronco 2 engine swap

    You will also need the spacer behind the flex plate and yes you need to remove the pilot bearing from the back of the crank. For 86 it shows to be the same starter manual or automatic.
  16. For Sale Removed

  17. 1987 2.9l Stalling

    Something else to consider if the in-tank pump goes bad the engine will run ok on just the high-pressure pump on the frame rail as long as the tank is full to about 1/2 of a tank. Once the fuel drops below about 1/2 of a tank the high-pressure pump struggles to pull the fuel from the tank. I had...
  18. 87 Ranger TK5 trans parts nightmares!!!

    Is this a 2wd or 4wd and are you sure it's a Toyo Koyo and not a Mitsubishi transmission? The Toyo Koyo has an aluminum pan, and the Mitsubishi has a steel pan.
  19. For Sale Removed

    Bump again
  20. 1987 Ford Bronco II XLT 2.9L V6 manual trans 5 speed OD 2wd, no spark ignition coil & module have power..

    That was my first thought after reading your 2nd post. I once worked with a drivability tech who made a test box using a distributor connector and 2 LEDs and a 9-volt battery and put the LEDs and the battery in a small plastic box and wired it up. You plugged it into the distributor and using a...

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