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  1. Help please!

    Yeah I had problems with the seat belts, thx for the picture it helps! I'll do some more research.
  2. Help please!

    Hey Dirtman this might be a stupid question but what about removing the sensors from the 08 seats and reinstalling in the 99 explorer seats. Whar trouble could I run into? Thx
  3. Help please!

    They look great! Thx for the info I will see if I can find some. Thx again!
  4. Help please!

    yes thx Dirtman , but will keep my 08 Sheats just incase i decide to sell it.
  5. Help please!

    Thanks for the info, the explorer seats bolt in the 2008 ranger no problem, the ranger seats are very uncomfortable its like sitting on a park bench so I may put up with the airbag not working and light on, I just hope the it doesn't hurt the restraint computer system.
  6. Help please!

    I have a 2008 Ranger extended cab, 3 litre engine, basic stock truck, I found seats from a 96 Ford explorer that I plan to swap out and will bolt in no problem, my issue is the electrical from the original seats, can I just disconnect the wires? The original seats are not powered at all. I know...
  7. Another newbie

    Very nice!
  8. Another newbie

    1st pics bought it this past October with 78k on it!
  9. Another newbie

    Just wanted to introduce my self, I own a 2008 3 liter ranger, auto, black in color, very basic truck, I installed after market power door locks and hoping to finish installing power windows.

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