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  1. flex fuel problems

    Have 1999 flex fuel ranger. Installed new pump, there were 2 items above pump 1 a pulse dampener and 2 ??????? I do not know, Still have only 55lbs on rail but it drops off at 2500 rpm. checked damper on right rail and ok. No codes and exhaust is clear. in line filter was replaced 100miles ago...
  2. 1999 ranger 3.0 cylinder 0rder

    is the order as on older fords front to rear right bank and then front to rear on left bank?????
  3. 1999 ranger lack of power

    1999 flex fuel 3.0 ranger , new pump ,damper valve .ok on right rail, filter new. holds 55pressure idle but drops off to20lbs at 2500 rpm. there was a pulse dampener and another unit above the pump. any ideas???????

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