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  1. ok since no one is reading my other thread i quick ?

    i wana painmt diff cover do i need to use high temp
  2. what should i get my truck

    Ok so i got my insurance check today ive already got a couple things i needed like a tool box , new CB ant. now i have a few options on what else to buy i could get some warn hubs, kinda pointless since i eventually plan on either a sas or d35ttb swap, body lift i would like to be able to clear...
  3. A friends exploder need help

    I have a friend with a 98 exploder but it was built in December so its actually built w/ 99 parts. So one day she goes out from work to go home and it wont start, think its fuel filter change that no diff, so than her dad, who ive met 2 year olds who were better mechanics convinces her its the...
  4. Electrical gremlins 1st gen ranger help?

    OK so today i went to jump start a car and i noticed my batt was warm prob 70 deg or so and the acid was gurgling and hissing out the vents. So i put a tester to it. At the batt i got a reading of 13.7 volts with ignition off 14.7 volts at idol, and 15.1 volts at around half throttle. So ok...
  5. hell ya

    my insurance company just called me and the are gonna pay me $720 to fix my own truck, warn hubs and body lift here i come. Now i just need to get off my a$$ and get ready to do the body swap. Oh and get ahold of my buddy with the welder, to fix the frame :headbang: i only got 50% since they...
  6. Recovery time

    That's some crazy Sh*t at least u got checked out and taken care of, I know I probably would have just said screw goin to the doc's i hate the doc's office.
  7. off road capability

    I know it has a lot to do with driver experience, and how big and steely his balls are. I have a good idea of what my truck is capable of off road, but i was just wondering what everyone thinks my 83 which, is in just about top running order well as good as bein all stock with about 154000 miles...
  8. western Wa ranger owners

    hey those of us in the western Washington area need to get together and hit some trails. I can never find anyone who wants to go get muddy, and all the 4x4 clubs round hear are all jeeper stuck up A holes if you aint got a jeep they don't want you round. my truck is stock but, she surprises.
  9. my f-in thermastat quit on me err

    the only guages that work on my truck are the speedo, and temp. I took her for a little spin was gonna go run a couple little trails since i havent used 4 wheel drive in a while get it all nice and lubed up, well temp was running warmer than norm so i took the freeway home, I get home pop the...
  10. damn

    Well I went to the dmv, to try and file for a lost tittle on the 84 ranger i bought this last weekend. I purchased it from the guy whose property it has been abandoned on for the last 6 years. Well the registered owner was a illegal immigrant from Mexico, and was deported six years ago, the dmv...
  11. well sometimes fate just says here u go

    well sometimes fate just says here u go now with pics Well yesterday i found out that the part truck i was planning on buying was sold to someone else, it had a bad tranny, bad carb but had the good front clip i was lookin for. now for those of u who read my thread i was kinda upset. well this...
  12. front clip from diff year

    ok so i was just wondering if i dont get the parts truck would it be possible to replace my front clip with that of another year
  13. welder ?

    Ok well ill find out tomorrow if the deal for my parts truck falls through if it does im gonna be in the market for a welder. ill be buying it at harbor freight, now i have never welded before, so what would be a good entry level welder i could use to learn and get some projects done front...
  14. yay

    Im hopefully gonna go look at a parts truck this sun only thing bad is tranny, so im thinkin front clip for ranger, engine if good for my 86 bronco 2 since thats all it needs, strip for all the other good parts, maybe body swap on ranger if in better cond, than its off to the junk heap with...
  15. just wondering

    I have an 83 ford ranger i bought it about a year ago and it sat for about 6 months due to trackin a lost title. so here the last 4-5 months ive been drivin it fairly regularly and ive had to do some standard work for such an old truck clutch,cmc, csc, rebuild carb new wiring harnes under hood...
  16. How big

    How big of a tire could a guy run on a stock 83 ranger without stressing and blowing my hubs

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