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  1. 83-88 ranger door handle repairs

    well, I have only had mine installed for less than a year and I don't feel super comfortable charging people for something that might break in a year or so. i'd rather get more miles on them. that said, if you DM me an address I could probably send a few your way, just cover shipping or something
  2. 83-88 ranger door handle repairs

    I tried adding a washer first, but if the plastic separates from the foam like mine did the washer can still pull through. the walls on this thing helped prevent that, and if need be you can glue it into the handle
  3. 83-88 ranger door handle repairs

    Hey y'all, I figured I'd post this since it's an issue I have had for a while I have a few first gen rangers, and at some point or another all of them have had the issue with the door grab handle breaking at the front mounting screw. I also have a 3D printer and a license of Solidworks, so I...
  4. Zimmer edition?

    might also be cool to update that zimmer article with some pics/info from this build, on the rare chance someone else finds one in the wild and doesn't know what it is. either way, super cool score dude thanks for sharing
  5. Dana 35 housing broken?

    Hey y'all, I picked up a Dana 35 TTB setup to upgrade my 86 ranger's stock Dana 28. I started blowing it apart, and in the process found out that a cast ear on the differential housing was broken, and fell off when I pulled the pumpkin out of the beam. I'll attach some pictures here so y'all...
  6. Wanted Dana 35 TTB setup

    I did, I found one online from a 94 for a decent price with the right gears and snapped it up. idk if there's a way to close the thread, but i'm good now.
  7. Wanted Dana 35 TTB setup

    Hey y'all I am looking to buy the parts to swap my 86 ranger's Dana 28 to a Dana 35. I'm trying to keep the factory 3.73 gears, though if I have to re-gear it that can be done. I also wouldn't mind having the dual piston brakes, but at this point I just need the axles to get my project moving...
  8. Wanted WTB First gen gauge cluster.

    I know I have one with a busted speedometer, had to change it out a while back. mine is the tachometer style cluster. if you don't mind me asking, what do you want a busted gauge cluster for? I got a buddy heading to long island in a couple weeks, I could ask if he'd be cool dragging it up there...

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