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  1. Fuel system problem

    Yeah fuel pump
  2. Fuel system problem

    I picked up a fuel pressure tester and with the jumper in the relay plug I'm getting around 1-2psi so I have a new one on the way
  3. Fuel system problem

    I tested the input wire not output wire
  4. Fuel system problem

    But that doesn't explain the weird voltage it had before I bypassed the computer though (I think), if the computer was bad then wouldn't that mean the injector's aren't working right either? Or am I missing something here, I'll see if I can't grab a cheap fuel pressure gauge when my schedule...
  5. Fuel system problem

    Alright I couldn't get one of those other relays to work so instead I jumpered it and tried starting like that, the pump now has correct voltage but it still doesn't fire. I'm really starting to think it's that computer
  6. Fuel system problem

    Alright I'll give that a try after work sometime I'll post results when I get to it, Thanks
  7. Fuel system problem

    The one that's in there is a 4 pin, would those still work?
  8. Fuel system problem

    Which one would work, I went to the parts store looking for a ry610 and they said the closest one they have was in British Columbia
  9. Fuel system problem

    Okay so I've got a no start condition right now in my '89 b2 with single pump, I've narrowed it down to the fuel system. It's not making enough pressure so I did a voltage drop test on everything from battery to pump. It looks good until I get to the inertia switch as in when I do the test on it...

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