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  1. '00 FF 3.0 TO '01 3.0 NON FF need Advice

    End result plan is selling both trucks (maybe make a truck bed trailer) I have a '00 Ranger FF that got T-boned, the engine is good because me and a friend rebuilt it a few years back. I purchased a '01 Ranger NON FF with a blown engine(212,222 mi) and have both engines out now. few key...
  2. Hello

    Thanks for the past and future help with my Ranger. I've had a Ford ranger since ± 2008 and have used this forum that google would bring up. I have never signed up for any forums till now. I'm in the process of doing a Motor Swap from '00 3.0 FF TO a '01 3.0 Automatics and would greatly...
  3. test

    motor swaps

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