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  1. 1996 4.0L - Can I delete factory cruise control?

    My cruise control buttons are crumbling. I have never used the cruise control, and I don't foresee myself ever needing it. I'd like to just get rid of it altogether. I've seen some online tutorials on removing the switches from the steering wheel in order to replace them, but I'd like to...
  2. 96 brake light switch - tested everything, what next?

    Hello, Today I experienced the dreaded problem of not being able to shift out of park and no tail lights. I had my trailer on at the time. I managed to get the trailer and truck home by turning it off and then to accessory, then using neutral gear to start from. So I checked the forums and...
  3. ('96) What Wheel Flares are These?

    My truck is this color and year... where do I get wheel flares like the ones in the attached pic?
  4. Flashing O/D and Hard Shifting

    I posted this over in 4.0 too: 96 4.0, 2WD, automatic The other day I started getting a flashing O/D light, and some hard shifting, especially 1-2 and 2-1. The speedometer works fine, and turning O/D off didnt help. I called my local Ford dealer, and they said I'd have to leave it there for a...
  5. Flashing O/D... hard shifting... dread.

  6. '96 2WD: 14"->15" upsize... anything wrong with this?

    Howdy folks. i've got my hands on a gem of a Ranger.... 96 4.0 2WD auto with low miles. The wheels on it are the stock 14x6 4-hole design, and I measured 3.75" backspacing on the one that had a blowout (the tires are shot!) So this is a perfect opportunity to upgrade the wheels and tires...
  7. 96 4.0 noob questions

    Hello, I recently acquired a pristine 96 4L Ranger, and the hole for a tow hitch on the rear bumper still has its plastic stopper. I have a 5x8 trailer that I would consider a medium duty/weight...Its larger and heavier than the average harbor freight stuff, but its still just two 14" wheels...
  8. swapping up to two-row radiator - bigger cap?

    I ordered a two-row radiator for my ranger, and when it arrived, it looks exactly right, except my existing radiator cap is too small for it. Is there a bigger radiator cap that I should also look for at the salvage yard when I go hunting for my new fan shroud?
  9. Lol, how can I check my check engine light?

    When I recently changed out my cam position sensor/synch assembly (after reading that I should) the old one was absolutely mutilated...just twisted chunks of metal and magnet wadded up inside the sensor housing, and I never had a CEL from it being that way. The truck is a 95 3L. So, is there a...
  10. Been a while, but I'm here.

    I've lurked on and off for a couple of years now, but I might as well introduce myself. I have a 1995 Ranger XLT 3.0 auto that was a hand-me-down. Thanks to this site I fixed the rotted fuel filler tube myself, and the truck runs great for 168K miles. I added some 15x7 circle-track steelies and...

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