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  1. 94 transmissions questions

    Hi Ron Thanks again for the very helpful and detailed answer. Just need to find a transmission now. Should not be to hard . Bob
  2. 94 transmissions questions

    Hi Ron Thanks for the quick reply. That is great information for me. The tranny is going and the clutch is following. Do you know if there are any issue with the speedo? I read the article you sent about swapping the trans, that will be a great help. Thanks again Bob Turns out it is a 94 not a...
  3. 94 transmissions questions

    Hello I have a 94 Ford Ranger Extra cab with a 4.0 litre engine, M5OD-R1 5 speed transmission Rear axle ratio 3.08 175,000 miles 1st and 2nd syncros seem to be worn out > Shifts fine on cools days for a few miles then 1st and 2nd grind unless I am real careful shifting. I can shift into 1st...
  4. Identify plug

    Back together and running fine! Next will be replacing the oil sender then replacing the transmission.
  5. Identify plug

    Hey Rumblecloud, RonD and SenorNoob Thank very much for going out of your way to assist a stranger. Those answers give me a definitive answer so I can finish the job with confidence. A great value to me. A automotive service place in northern Oregon did the clutch. I was 300 miles from home on...
  6. Identify plug

    Went to the local Ford dealer today and saw where it should be on their wiring diagrams but the plug was not there! I am the original owner and I am the only one who has ever worked on this truck except a clutch replacement when I was out of state so nothing has been added to the wiring harness.
  7. Identify plug

    Thanks for the replies and assists! It is a manual tranny. It looks too clean to have not been used though I could be wrong. Just cannot find anything near it that it would plug into.
  8. Identify plug

    Hello Would appreciate some assistance. I am having problems locating a wire/plug. I cannot find the wire/plug that the plug in the photo should be plugged into. It is a two wire plug (pictured below) the two wires are orange/yellow and purple/yellow The plug is located at the rear of the engine...

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