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  1. Unicorn chrome mirrors

    I have seen brochure photos for a 1996 B4000 with these mirrors and did an exhaustive search on google and this is the only other evidence I have seen for these mirrors. does anyone else have these on their trucks out there? I would love to know a part number for them.
  2. Skyjacker Dual Steering Stabilizer Install 96 b2300

    Yeah I hadn't done my homework. I got the kit thinking it would help resolve the bump steer I was having which was magnified by the coil spacers. In Hind sight I would have replaced the ball joints and steering linkages along with a new pitman arm and camber bushings. I swapped in a pitman...
  3. Skyjacker Dual Steering Stabilizer Install 96 b2300

    :LOL: You got me! I chiseled it out with an air hammer!
  4. Skyjacker Dual Steering Stabilizer Install 96 b2300

    not to bend heat or weld on it. its stamped into it from the factory from what I can tell
  5. Skyjacker Dual Steering Stabilizer Install 96 b2300

    I found more questions than answers when researching how to install this kit and when I received it the instructions were pretty vague. The instructions illustrated the kit installed on a truck with no sway bar and said the frame brackets had to be relocated further toward the rear of the truck...
  6. My 96 Mazda B2300

    My 96 Mazda B2300

    An infinite work in progress
  7. viny cf overlay

    viny cf overlay

  8. instrument panel leds

    instrument panel leds

  9. steering stabilizer

    steering stabilizer

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