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  1. koda6966

    Are EB axles worth anything?

    I've got an opportunity to pick up a front and rear axle set (D44/9in) from an EB, no idea on the gearing just that they're stock and need to be gone through if someone was to use them. I don't plan on using EB axles on my build I would just end up hanging onto them for a future build or...
  2. koda6966

    looking for ideas: cap or tent?

    Browse Craigslist and find a cheap fiberglass tent. They're plentiful on there usually. If it doesn't have a rack on it an explorer roof rack fits Ranger caps PERFECTLY just make sure you seal the holes where you bolt it on. Makes room for extra gear on the roof. If you're looking for an F150...
  3. koda6966

    Bronco II lift questions. Also, skyjacker vs RC shocks.

    I tried some searching on the site to find what I'm looking for, a few questions got answered and some more ended up with conflicting information. A couple more didn't really get answered at all so I guess I'll throw my questions on here and take the "use the search button jackwagon!" hit...
  4. koda6966

    Koda's Bronco II

    So something rather heart wrenching happened this past Friday. I sent my beloved never-ending project 1993 Ford Ranger to the scrap yard. After years of rebuilding it, parting it out, rebuilding it, and parting it out again I decided it was time. It's parts will live on in three different local...
  5. koda6966

    01 Ranger wont shift going up hills.

    Hey guys, kind of troubleshooting a problem my brother has been having with his truck. He's convinced that it's his transmission, but I don't agree. I haven't taken it out for a spin because I've been so busy but it's sitting in my backyard and he's driving my XJ :annoyed: until he finds another...
  6. koda6966

    FWD car wrecked in rear.

    Hey guys, as some of you know I'm always on the lookout for vehicles I can flip. Like my 2002 Zx2 I picked up for $350 with a shot timing belt and exhaust, and a few of my other past vehicles. I've been looking for something cheap that I can fix up and drive instead of sell, since my Jeep only...
  7. koda6966

    F250 Transmission Identification

    My father has a 1979ish F250ish highboy sort of thing. He needs to do some transmission work to it, but we're unable to find a way to determine which transmission he has. It's running the 300 I6 engine, and we think it's either a T-18 or T-19 trans because it's an older 4 speed. Is there a...
  8. koda6966

    Hitch Mount Tire Carrier.

    I decided to start practicing some of my welding skills a little more. I wanted to make some sort of tire carrier for my Cherokee, but I don't have a large amount of metal available to me without buying new. I managed to find some 1/4" stainless steel plating, and some 2" square tubing in the...
  9. koda6966

    Buying A Shotgun

    Plus having a Nova is like having a Chevy Avalanche.
  10. koda6966

    Buying A Shotgun

    The nova is sh*t. I own a mossberg 500 Crown Grade, love it. Buy the 870. The gun is built better (from a mossberg lover!) and has more aftermarket support.
  11. koda6966

    The Rebirth: Stitch 2.0

    As some of you know, I have a ranger that has been an on again off again project. I plan to "finish" it this summer. Here's the link to the old thread, so you can see the changes and progress from when I was 16 and first bought the truck. The old thread is Project Life Support, as some of you...
  12. koda6966

    89 Chevy Cheyenne lug pattern?

    Anyone know it off hand?
  13. koda6966

    Koda's 1997 XJ thread.

    Bought another XJ today, I think I'll actually keep this one. Specs: 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport. (four door) 4.0, 4x4, auto. 142k miles. Was a trade in at a dealer in Syracuse, a small local dealer buy's wholesale out there and resells for a little profit. Pretty decent shape for the year...
  14. koda6966

    78 f100.

    Going to check one out in the morning, wish me luck! So far all I know is the body is supposedly flawless, it's two wheel drive/regular cab, and the guy lives a few houses down from my grandmother.
  15. koda6966

    Mower wiring.

    Some asshat ripped all the wiring out of my riding mower and stole my gas. Needless to say I need to rewire.. Do I have this right? I'm pretty sure it doesn't have a charging circuit. STRTR is STARTER by the way. Couldn't fit it. The Start/On switches are standard toggle switches.. the keyed...
  16. koda6966

    Looking for a BII, what will switch from my Ranger?

    As the title says I'm looking into moving my focus into getting a BII and bailing on the Ranger project. The body is too far gone and the frame wasn't far behind it. However, I've aquired many parts for the truck and I'm wondering what I could swap over? Do the BII's and Rangers share leaf...
  17. koda6966

    Making my exhaust louder..

    Looking to make my exhaust on my S10 a bit louder but I don't want to completely sacrifice the tone. Right now I have a flowmaster super 44 in place of the OEM exhaust. I'm wondering what would be better, running a straight pipe back from the muffler, or putting a dump right after it? No, I...
  18. koda6966

    Electrical thing on core support, near battery.

    There was some sort of electrical dealy on the core support in front of where the battery tray is on my 1993 Ranger with the 3.0, I think I may have broke it when I pulled the support. Anyone tell me what it is? If needed I can snap a photo tomorrow. There's only one electrical item on that...
  19. koda6966

    Trailer idea.

    I have an old tow behind air compressor, hasn't worked in years. It's this style here. Anyone know offhand if they're built on an actual frame? As in can I take the compressor parts off it and throw a bed on to make a small utility trailer.. it looks like it is in this picture. I have it in...
  20. koda6966

    Finally decided to try out a 10/22.

    Yeah, those Remingtons are quite cheap. As you can see I'm using them for their best purpose, to hold the gun straight for the picture!

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