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  1. Got the codes, never heard of one of them, need help.

    So I come home from Afghanistan and the ABS light is on constantly. I finally got the ABS scanned and recieved the following codes; B 1230, Wheel speed sensor rear center input circuit malfunction; B 1102, Acceleration switch circuit malfunction. These all in conjunction with the Rear Speed Sensor?
  2. Starting issue

    So here's tha deal. I put a remote car starter in earlier this month. I now have issues with starting the truck with the remote and key. A week and a half ago I wasn't able to start the truck with the remote or the key, the remote sent and the brain recieved the transmission from the remote due...
  3. So check this crap out!!!

    So I get home from Afghanistan and go on block leave thinkin I'm gonna have a good time only to find out that my heavy footed brother destroyed my truck!!!! I had to drop 2300 dollars into it just to get it back to NY safely and have another couple hundred that needs to be put into it to get it...
  4. Need suggestions!

    The head is cracked in my 4.0 OHV in my 2000 XLT 4x4. I am looking to possibly throw a 302 in it as it is just as much of a job to replace heads. One thing I am concerned about is the gas milage, I get 22 on the hwy with the 4.0 when it wasn't cracked, will I be able to get somewhere near tha...
  5. Cracked head help

    Tha begining; just before I deployed to Afghanistan, my Ranger started to miss and bog down as I was driving for about 30 seconds and then stop and go back to normal driving. Since I have been gone, my brother drove the truck for a little bit and he had replaced the plugs and wires, I had done...
  6. Serious Issues!!!!!

    I have a fellow comrade that has a 98 standard cab ranger with a 3.0 with a standard tranny. He rolled his truck on the which drained all fluids, yet started up after pulling back over and he drove it home 15 miles. He let the truck sit for about 2 months before trying to start it. It is...
  7. Browning or Remington

    Mossberg good!!!!!
  8. Browning or Remington

    Remington, Remington, Remington, Remington, Remington!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All tha way!!!!
  9. transparent diff covers

    has anyone ever seen or know of anyone that has used this style of cover?! I would like to have one but have never seen it in use before. I would like to see peoples' faces when they see my gears falling out, or what would look like any way! Please give some input! :icon_cheers...
  10. Tha FNG

    I have a 2000 Ranger XLT 4X4 off-Road with 4.0L V6, the only way to go!!! That is pretty stock for now, just a few little things. Single Cherry Bomb with 4" down firing tip just passed the bed, snap on tonnue cover, K&N drop in filter with tornado fuel saver system, rain guards, Westin tube...

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