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  1. DavidTC3

    94 Ranger, auto hubs, electric shift

    Okay guys, I have been tinkering around on my 4X4 trying to figure out what it will take to fix it. The CM self diagnosed itself OK, but any time I touch the button on the dash I don't hear anything from the transfer case or shift motor. Is it possible that it's just the shift motor? And not a...
  2. DavidTC3

    94 4.0 Ranger OBD-I code 172

    I recently got my engine replaced in my ranger. After I got it back the check engine light came on. It would come on and go off. I got it scanned by the guy that replaced the engine and he said it was the o2 sensors. I replaced both of them and it still came on. Only now it stays on instead of...

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