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  1. Engine replacement

    Thank you all for the help. From what I am understanding a 3.0 from a 1994 should have the same wiring harness and connections because in 1995 they switched to OBD II ? So its safe to say a 1993-94 3.0 would be fully interchangeable without having too many issues. I've also read that some...
  2. Engine replacement

    Thanks! Im not to sure, I am having a hard time finding information. I think they might have only been a 4.0, but I thought I heard of people saying it was a direct fit into the rangers of the same year. Sorry im a bit new to all of this.
  3. Engine replacement

    Hello, I am currently looking at replacing my engine on my 1993 manual 4x4, 3.0 V6 ranger. I'm hoping somebody could help on what engines from what years will be a direct swap. Just looking to get the truck running with hopefully no work, just an easy drop and plug in engine. I've heard that...

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