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  1. cubewhiz

    Transmission or Clutch Issue

    I've been having some issues lately with the transmission, but I'm not quite sure the exact problem. A few days ago, I was having trouble shifting into gear so I added some fluid to the master cylinder and that seemed to fix the issue. However, since then, there is a terrible grinding noise...
  2. cubewhiz

    Blinkers Stopped Working

    89 Ranger At first I thought it was just the flasher switch, so I replaced it, but the problem was still there. I checked the fuse and it was spent, so I replaced it. However, every time I turn the truck to the ON position, the fuse blows. I tried doing it with the truck in neutral thinking...
  3. cubewhiz

    Manual Window Doesn't Roll Up

    I have found quite a bit about power windows, but nothing about manual. If I turn the crank, it will turn and keep on clicking, but the window does not roll up. I managed to get it up all the way by applying upwards pressure on the window while doing this and slowly turning the crank. The...
  4. cubewhiz

    Stalling Problem

    Sometimes when I decelerate, the oil pressure gauge drops down to 0. Most of the time, it will jump back up to pressure, but sometimes, it just stalls and the truck turns off. This is a big problem for going to and from work because when I'm sitting in traffic, it does it all the time. It...
  5. cubewhiz

    Motorcraft 5W20

    When I went to Advance, the guy there told me there was a discount if you get Motorcraft oil with the Motorcraft filter. The only weight they had was 5W-20 Synthetic Blend. I asked him if that would be appropriate for my engine and he said that it's what is used for all Ford applications now...
  6. cubewhiz

    Parking brake won't release

    With the pedal at the floor, I pulled the release and it wouldn't release. I tried pulling on the cable itself under the truck and it wouldn't budge. Eventually, I got pissed off and cut the front cable. At least I was able to drive home. However, the pedal is still to the floor and won't...
  7. cubewhiz

    Hit and Run!

    Some jerk hit my truck on a hit and run. I've got some pictures on my dad's phone that I'll upload in a little bit. Nothing terrible, but he hit my back wheel pretty much directly. Smashed the plastic hub cover that was on there, dented the body at the wheel well, put a dent below the tail...
  8. cubewhiz

    Air in the lines

    All of a sudden on my way home from work the other day, the brakes went right to the floor. They would provide a little braking, but not much. They feel spongy, so I'm pretty sure it's air in the lines. I'm not losing fluid, however, so I'm not even sure how the air got in there. I'm going...
  9. cubewhiz

    I was on ESPN today!

    Sorry to bother you, but I am a little excited. Tonight, I was on a segment of ESPN's show E:60. I can be seen several times throughout the video solving and judging, as well as solving a Rubik's Cube blindfolded. For anybody interested in watching the segment, it has already been uploaded to...
  10. cubewhiz

    Electrical Issue?

    I got to work with no problems, but when I went to go home, the truck wouldn't start. I popped the hood and pulled the terminals, cleaned them up, and tried to start it. The lights would go on, but as soon as I tried to start it, all power was gone. No lights, nothing. All the wires seem to...
  11. cubewhiz

    Tailgate Fix

    When I pull the handle, only one side fully disengages. I was able to take the tailgate off, but I'm not really sure how to fix this. I tried searching for a solution, but my search yielded nothing helpful.
  12. cubewhiz

    Transmission Rebuild Question

    This question is specific to the SM465 transmission (a GM transmission), but general enough that it likely applies to other transmissions as well. Thus, I figure that even though it is not from a Ranger, somebody on here can probably answer this anyway. I have a couple of gear/bearing pullers...
  13. cubewhiz

    Oil Leak

    I have an oil leak on my 89 Ranger 2.9. I thought it was the valve cover gasket, but I replaced them both and there is still a leak. The leak must be coming from up high because I checked after running the vehicle and there were wet spots just below the valve covers. The spots are not running...
  14. cubewhiz


    Even with adjustable camber bushings installed and the camber adjusted all the way, the camber is way off. How to fix?
  15. cubewhiz

    Truck Doesn't Start

    I just replaced clutch master & slave cylinder on my 89 Ranger. For some reason, the truck doesn't start (even when you push the clutch all the way to the floor). I have been able to intermittently start the truck when pushing the clutch all the way to the right and to the floor, but this...
  16. cubewhiz

    What is this?!?

    Just found a wire that was sitting up against my oil pan, all frayed. I snipped the end and put a wire nut on it. Does anybody know what it goes to? It looks to be orange with a yellow stripe I think. Also, there is a little hose coming out of the driver side of my oil pan. What is this...
  17. cubewhiz

    Speedo Gear

    Maybe somebody can save me a trip underneath my truck. I have a 1989 Ranger with 3.73 gear ratio. Does anybody know how many teeth are in the stock speedometer gear?
  18. cubewhiz

    A few questions...

    1) I leak oil. Judging by how high this stuff is, I'm guessing valve cover gaskets? 2) My windshield wiper fluid doesn't come out. I replaced the pump in the reservoir, but it still doesn't work. I'm thinking this is an electrical problem now. Does anybody know where this wire goes? I...
  19. cubewhiz

    Leaking Brake Fluid?

    Does it look like I'm leaking brake fluid here? Does this mean I need a new brake booster or master cylinder or both? Thanks.
  20. cubewhiz

    New Pads

    Time for new pads... I have heard good things about the Yellowstuff pads, but they are apparently not available for the 1989. How about the Greenstuff? Any good? How about rotors? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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