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  1. eclipseguy

    1986 ford ranger super cab XLT RC body

    Hey guys. its been a long time since I posted on here. I sold my pick up a while back. I am now getting into building an RC crawler. I want to do everything that I never got to do with/to my ranger. I'm looking for a 1986 ford ranger super cab XLT. My questions is does anyone by chance...
  2. eclipseguy

    Ranger parts on an explorer.

    I just bought a 1991 ford explorer4.0 with a 6 speed transmission. I was going to use the motor and transmission in my 1986 ford ranger super cab it has the 2.9 with a 5speed manual. But when I got thinking about it. The explorer is nicer than my truck. The ranger has 4" Skywalker soft ride...
  3. eclipseguy

    8.8 and drive shaft issue

    I have a 1986 ford ranger super cab with the 2.9 manual. It has a 4" spring lift and a 2" body lift. I am running 33's. A couple weeks ago I broke my 2 piece driveshaft just behind the carrier barring. So I wanted to swap to the one piece drive shaft. I got a one piece shaft the yard said...
  4. eclipseguy

    dana 44 and 9"

    There is a local offroad shop here that has a matching set of axles that came off a 79 bronco. There is the high pinont Dana 44 with radious arms and 4.10 gears and a 9" with 4.10s also. He is asking $500 for the set. Seemes like a good deal to me. What do you guys think?
  5. eclipseguy

    4x4 lights not staying on

    ok I have a 86 ranger super cab 2.9 manual with electronic shift transfer case. i got the 4x4 working but the only way i can get it to work is to unplug the pig tail on the module then the buttons work for a few secs then the lights go out and i have to unplug the pigtail and plug it back in to...
  6. eclipseguy

    first time taking the ranger out to a trail.

    Today is the first time i took my truck out to the trail. finally got it running good so it would not die on the trail. it wasn't anything hard. I just putted around.
  7. eclipseguy

    mud flaps

    today i built some mud flaps here is the mount that i made for it. i can almost stand on it. i was popped by the state patrol and he was pretty upset that i did not have flaps. atleast all the materials were free i did not have to spend a dime on anything for the flaps best kind of project...
  8. eclipseguy

    Possible broken timing chain.

    Well im not having very good luck with my truck. 1986 ranger supercab 2.9 4x4. The trucks been driving like a champ since i got my new tires. Yesterday i dorve to work just fine. Then i was about to head home and i went out and tried to start my truck and it cranked and ran for about a sec then...
  9. eclipseguy

    new tires

    i got my new tires today. 33x12.50R15 Goodyear wrangler m/t w/Kevlar. so happy to get rid of my old tiny 31's that did not even look like 31's.
  10. eclipseguy

    who lives in wenatchee

    hey i'm relativity new to wenatchee and i was wondering if there was any one living here from the forms.
  11. eclipseguy

    im pretty sure im stupid.

    OK here's the story. i was being forced to rebuild my 2.9 in a weekend. that's pulled out rebuilt and put back in. so i was moving and the motor lost compression and would not start. so i tore the motor out and broke it down and cleaned it up. i ended up not getting it back to gather in the...
  12. eclipseguy

    fuel pump not working.

    hello I have a 1986 ford ranger super 4x4 2.9 with a/c. my problem is that my fuel pump is not turning on. I thought i ran out of gas one day. so i stopped and filled up then my truck would not start. so i checked the valve on the fuel rail and no gas. so i turned the key on and could not hear...
  13. eclipseguy

    new winch

    so i went to a swap meet with a friend last weekend in puyallup i wasn't going to buy anything. but walking down one of the last isles i found a winch for 100 bucks. a m5000 i could not pass it up. i got it home and it works. holy cow so after a week of a couple hours after work and sat i got...
  14. eclipseguy

    4x4 control module

    Dose any one know if and where the 4x4 control module on a 1986 ranger stx supercab.that or the relay for the 4x4 system?
  15. eclipseguy

    4x4 still not working. :(

    So i have a 1986 ford ranger stx it has the 2.9 I'm not sure on the transmission the t.c. says warren on it. but when i got the truck the 4x4 worked. but it out of nowhere just stopped working. then on its own it will start working again. so i will go hit a small trail and i cant get it out of...
  16. eclipseguy

    wont start when its cold.

    OK i have a1986 ranger when its cold out side my truck wont start. It will crank and crank i smell fuel but it wont start. I put my remote start switch on the truck and it started right up i actually did not want it to because it confused me. Anyone else have this problem. I was thinking it may...
  17. eclipseguy

    spare tire mount

    So I built my spare tire mount with some scrap steel that i had laying around, and the spare tire mount from under the truck. I remove the part the the rim bolts to to the mount and welded it to a piece of steel channle. boxed the channel in with a strip of steel. Iput a block under the tire...
  18. eclipseguy

    1986 ford ranger 4x4

    I was woundering what is the stock ride hight for a 1986 ford ranger 4x4 stx.
  19. eclipseguy

    roof rack

    I cant seem to find any pics. Any one have pics or have done a roof rack on a ranger just want to get some opinions. i don't want my spare in my bed and it wont fit underneath.
  20. eclipseguy

    new pics of the ranger

    So here are some new pics of the ranger there not much. Ill get more this weekend if we go to walker vally.

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