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  1. 2003 4.0 sohc p0172 & p0175

    I did not know about that method for checking leaking injectors so I'll have to try it out! I'm probably gonna look at my fuel damper and injectors here in the next 2 days once all this rain passes.
  2. 2003 4.0 sohc p0172 & p0175

    They're Bosch 02 sensors, I cleaned the IAC which didn't help. I'm pretty sure the issue where it almost stalls isn't trans related even though as far as I'm aware the trans has never been serviced and I know I've never touched it. I'm leaning more towards fuel pump or fuel pressure damper just...
  3. 2003 4.0 sohc p0172 & p0175

    How's a going everyone, I'm new here and made an account so I could potentially get help for an issue with my truck. She's an 03 FX4 Off-Road w Auto trans that's got 222k miles on the clock (bought her at 151k) and for a while now I've been dealing with various trouble codes on the motor...

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