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  1. super91(2.3)

    Ever wanted to do the Trans America Trail?

    If you run US 6 from coast to coast, I have a spare bedroom in western pa! A cross country trip would be awesome in any aspect
  2. super91(2.3)

    Yankee Lake

    I wanna get a group together and do a ranger meet at yankee lake truck night. toss out some dates and start collaborating yall
  3. super91(2.3)

    Hunting Season

    I have shot a deer every year since I was old enough to, and I will be in basic training this year so I get to miss the action
  4. super91(2.3)

    My emaxx

    It's not too modded yet. I just bought new batteries and a waterproof esc. Dumped $300 into it to get it back running to snap a driveshaft.. Should I just buy all aluminum or try my luck with another plastic one? Btw, its the 14.4 volt v twin emaxx
  5. super91(2.3)

    Concealed Carry Pistol Thread

    S&W .38 special. I hate semi auto, too risky to just catch the trigger on something. Very accurate and alot of knock down power for it's size. I wouldn't carry anything else other than military issue.
  6. super91(2.3)

    Upgrade time

    So I just upgraded from 205/75/r14 to 235/75/r15 on my 91. I'm runnin 3.08 gears 2 wheel drive. I'm lookin for a cheap set of 235's that are mildly aggressive, but still have good road manners. 4.10 4x4 swap this fall, so I am gonna stick with the 235s until well past the swap. Any...
  7. super91(2.3)

    new pistol

    Good buy man :icon_thumby:
  8. super91(2.3)

    kidney stones

    I think someone said it above, but cranberry juice
  9. super91(2.3)

    What should I do?

    AMEN!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  10. super91(2.3)

    What should I do?

    not a problem. if you need anything, pm me :icon_thumby:
  11. super91(2.3)

    What should I do?

    they have all of the bases covered as far as i can see when it comes to the legalities... it all depends on what the institution says about the care and parental conscent. but from the sounds of it, she needs medical attention, and you could save a life. i have a very good feeling her parents...
  12. super91(2.3)

    Soooo, i'm thinking of getting a rifle.

    Don't get me wrong, ak's are fun to shoot. But the accuracy at even a short distance is terrible. At my uncles butcher shop, we use a 22 mag pistol. It don't take much, just good placement.
  13. super91(2.3)

    Considering a turbo for my 2.3

    I drive a 91 2.3 5 speed. I rebuilt the motor over the summer. I am looking to get more power out of it. I already have plans to buy a megasquirt 2. One of my extremely mechanically inclined friends has a turbo he is willing to give me that he was goin to put on his stang, and help me install...
  14. super91(2.3)

    terrible miss

    i have a 91 2.3. i was coming up a hill this afternoon, hit 4th gear, and lost all power. there is a terrible miss coming from the 1st cylinder area. does anyone have any ideas what went wrong and how to fix it?
  15. super91(2.3)

    smokey 2.3

    im 16 and my 91 ranger is my first vehicle. it has over 180,000 miles and has now started burning oil (blue smoke). im not sure wether its cheaper to rebuild my engine or swap another one in with lower miles from the junk yard.

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