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  1. What to do with Old Gas?

    DO NOT ..repeat.. DO NOT use old gas to start a fire. It will ignite almost instantaneously (explode).
  2. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    Truck sits with fairly large bucks poured into it. Owner can't decide to pour more or sell at a loss.
  3. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    UPDATE: Truck moved to second indie mechanic who did a complete compression check - one cyl had zero compression, two others very low. Warped valves. Low engine miles (46k) may have actually contributed to the problem due to less wear on components & so was stuck tighter than an engine with...
  4. Weather Proof Cover?

    How about a small tarp? Could bungee cord it in place at least over the cab area.
  5. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    Indie mechanic wants to try ECM next...I'm looking for one.
  6. Check out this old grill guard

    I like the storage spot for the jack.
  7. Holes in metal line coming from transfer case?

    Holes are supposed to be there. That's some sort of vent tube for the trans. Gave my '88 2.9 w/ a4LD a good pressure washing - trans wouldn't shift right for two days.
  8. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    Hadn't considered that, thanks.
  9. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    Good idea to double check timing & balancer. Local indie mechanic did the dist work & he's been at it for years, doesn't mean he's above errors. I still wanna try the ECM swap just to test. Will my Ranger spare plug in? Will anything explode?
  10. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    Hoses from air filter disconnected. Fuel pressure good. Eng will eventually rev up if you keep playing with the accelerator pedal. Gonna try ECM if Ranger will fit. Keep those ideas coming.
  11. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    MAF sensor replaced, I incorrectly called it a MAP in initial narrative.
  12. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    Compression test not done. TPS replaced. Thanks for input.
  13. '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    My good neighbor bought a non-running, low miles (46K) Lariat w/ 5.0 eng. Been sitting about five years. Started throwing parts at it: fuel pump, fuel tank, injectors (2 sets). fuel pressure regulator, throttle position sensor, a known good distributor, MAP - trying to get it to run right...
  14. And Speaking of Winches...

    I tried a 6000# Ramsey winch on my '88 - good quality winch but would bog down before sliding truck. Came across a 9000# Tabor (foreign made Warn I'm told), had to trouble shoot some things, used Warn parts and now works fine. Will drag the truck if I use the snatch block.
  15. My rim size?

    Since my '88 4wd has dual tanks Ford elected to place the spare upright in the bed in the left front corner. Doesn't block view, easy access, stays clean, easy to keep inflated. Did secure it with cable & lock thru mounting bracket. Biggest tire that will fit is 235x75x15 so when I...
  16. 87 rebuild 4x4 2.9L

    Wow. An uncracked dash pad.
  17. 1988 Ranger New Chapter

    Compression/leak down test will tell you a lot. Thinking 150-170 psi are good numbers.
  18. Wanted 04 Supercab 4x4 frame

    PM sent.
  19. 1985 Ranger XLT 347 stroker

    I'm seeing a TTB front axle assy, surely not a D28.
  20. 1985 Ranger XLT 347 stroker

    Paint & ghost flames are beautiful. Head work is awesome (GT 40?). What's the dyno say?

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