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  1. MikeWild

    How to pick a JY A4LD

    What sort of things do you guys look for when grabbing an A4LD from a junkyard. I just came back from a you pick with an A4LD as they're on sale right now for $60 :headbang: and I'm hoping it'll be ok. The fluid looked nice and cherry and didn't smell burnt. There was a rubber seal drilled into...
  2. MikeWild

    Lookout Lake Loop (56k warning)

    Well today we decided to head out to Mystery Creek FSR and pick up where we left off on our winter excursion that stopped us short of our goal. The weather was perfect & I highly doubted we'd be stopped by snow this time! :D made it through the rock garden that claimed a hub on my way...
  3. MikeWild

    Yet another addition

    Well I was finally able to mount my rear bumper with swingaway tire carrier. I had to make some modifications to it to make it fit as well as reinforced the mounting brackets, but she's super solid and looks pretty good in my opinion. Next is rock sliders and build a custom bumper for the front...
  4. MikeWild

    Hale Creek ~ May Long (56k warning)

    Well as usual we went to Hale for the May long. Got there Thursday and pretty much had the place to ourselves. Hey Chris, I think you left something on the roof, better crank'er down again The weather was so nice it was time for some blender drinks The pups sure enjoyed it But of...
  5. MikeWild

    Would like Alburn Locker ected input

    Well after I burn through all 6 of my used replacement hubs, I'll give a set of those a try!:D Are all the internals still the same, just a matter of slipping the hub on, or do I need to replace anything? I'm rather fond of the hub being the weak spot as it's fairly easy to repair, I wonder...
  6. MikeWild

    Would like Alburn Locker ected input

    not sure of the part#, but the lock out tabs said warn across it.
  7. MikeWild

    Would like Alburn Locker ected input

    Been there, done that, and kerpow! (but that was on my exploder) :D
  8. MikeWild

    what's the best way to lift a 2005 Rnager 4x4

    A buddy has an 05 ranger and wants to lift it, he 'claims' leveling kits are no longer available. What are his options? He's already cranked the torsion bars, but still wants more. Any help is appreciated. :beer:
  9. MikeWild

    Would like Alburn Locker ected input

    I'm running them front & rear in my ranger and so far I'm really impressed with them. The one down side is that I tend to get a little too excited with the skinny pedal and have blown up 2 hubs in the process, but the hubs are cheapies ford/warn/milemarker/noname type. I'm thinking of either zap...
  10. MikeWild

    Mystery Creek Wheeling (56k warning)

    Well Indir and I decided to head up Mystery Creek FSR to see if we could get into Chehalis, but after a long dusty drive up Harrison and finally onto the Mystery Creek FSR, we ran into snow We thought it was all easy stuff, so we played around in it a bit, But we didn't manage to get much...
  11. MikeWild

    Cursed Wheeling

    Well I shoulda known that my day was cursed the minute this happened I should have turned around and just went straight home, but no, off to Norrish we went. Airing down at the trail head As soon as we hit the trail, I heard some strange sounds coming from the front end. Could it be...
  12. MikeWild

    Snow Wheeling

    Well finally after just about a year of BS I finally got to test out my ranger off road. It all started last May with installing the lift, then came the axles & lockers, tires & flares and just recently completed the 4.0 swap. I've still got to throw an Aerostar 8.8 in the rear to widen the...
  13. MikeWild

    Erratic RPM's

    I'm stumped, I just completed a 2.9 to 4.0L swap into my 91 5spd ranger. Everything seemed to work fine once I fired it up and did a test drive with it yesterday. This morning, I drove about 10 blocks to the store, everything was fine. Coming home, it all went south. Here's the symptoms: Starts...
  14. MikeWild

    Vacuum Line Diagram Needed

    I've tried serching but came up empty, does anyone have a link to a detailed vacuum line diagram for a 91 exploder 4.0L? I'm just about finished my 2.9 to 4.0 swap and all I have left is to hook up some vacuum lines and install the rad. I found one diagram searching the interweeb, but it's not...
  15. MikeWild

    Exploder 5.0 + ZF Trans swap

    Hey there, I tried a search but came up empty. I'm wanting to swap an exploder 5.0 mated with a ZF tranny into my 91 explorer. I can get a 96 explorer 5.0 but they only come with automatics. Can anyone help me find any links on how to run the computer with a ZF standard tranny? :icon_cheers:
  16. MikeWild

    picture wanted

    not mine, belongs to a member of a site I belong to
  17. MikeWild

    Mounting shocks outside the frame rails

    I'm throwing an 8.8 out of an aerostar in my '91 extended cab, and was planning on mounting the rear shocks vertical outside the frame rails. I'll be welding in some shock towers to the frame just above the rear tires. The reasoning for this is that I don't like how the current set up has the...
  18. MikeWild

    Aerostar 8.8 swap

    Well I mounted my fender flares the other day and came to the realization that the current 8.8 isn't wide enough to make the tires and flares look good... (mounted are 34x10.5 LTB's, I wanted fairly skinny tires for better performance under varrying conditions) I didn't want to use wheel...
  19. MikeWild

    91 Ranger build

    Well, the ranger has started it's transformation from a small compact to a lifted beastie. Got some work done today, but there's still a fair share to go. Here she is in her pristine glory Sizing up her stance as she sits with a 3" body lift And she's under the knife hmmm where to start...
  20. MikeWild

    7.5 to 8.8 Questions

    I'm buying a set of axles for my '91 Ranger. Here's the info on them: Dana 35 TTB front and 8.8" 27 spline 10" drum rear. Rear has less than 10,000 kms. on it. Front axle is brand new, hasn't been installed. Dana 35 front has had the c clip eliminated for easy replacement of passenger side...

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