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  1. tailgate_mafia

    Tire width question

    What is the widest tire I can put on a stock 94 15" rim. I have 31x10.50's on it now can i go 11.50 or 12.50 on the stock rim? If i can what kinda rubbing issues will i have?
  2. tailgate_mafia

    Think my 4x4 computer is fried

    Ok i have a 94 ranger stx with push button 4wheel. the hubs have been changed back to manual lockers but the 4 wheel only works part of the time some times when you push the button it will engage but most of the time in wont. I can here the lil computer behind the jumper seat clicking every now...
  3. tailgate_mafia

    Sucked Water and fired stuff HELP

    Ok so we had flash flooding in missouri today and well there was water going across the road so i went through it. She stalled out and died, so sitting there in 2 feet of water i got out and popped the hood and had my wife try to start it it just clicked and smoked from the positive term. So at...
  4. tailgate_mafia

    New guy New project

    Hey everyone I'm new to the site. Ok I have owned 2 rangers before but they were 2x4 now i have a 1994 ranger stx. after rebuilding the top end of the 4.0 and putting new leaf hangers and shackles on it i'm putting a 3" b/L on it. i has 31x10.50 R15's now how can i get another two inches of...

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