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  1. robertc1024

    Hurricane prep!

    Dug my buddy out after Katrina. Y'all FL folks be careful.
  2. robertc1024

    don't come 'a knockin at night

    He's doing it right then. Since I've been a gun-a-holic, the scopes usually cost more than the rifle.
  3. robertc1024

    Truck for Free

    Alright gents. I've been on here a long time and I need to let my Ranger go. It's a bone-stock '88. I got it for free with the condition that I'd have to give it away and I don't think there's a better place to do it. Good things: Not an iota of rust. Fresh battery. New Shocks. New Tires -...
  4. robertc1024

    boolit thread

    Hey 4.0 - I forgot about the other rounds you reload (.270?) If you want any .243 or 30-30 brass I'll send it to you as I go through it. I don't shoot enough to justify the equipment.
  5. robertc1024

    boolit thread

    crying. I'm now a f'king illegal because my gun holds 17 rounds per mag. Whoot 10 for me, 7 for NY. I feel sorry for you peeps. Get a gun rights gov. I don't like mine particularly, but he keeps our God-given constitunal laws.
  6. robertc1024

    boolit thread

    shipping might kill me worse than not having it. Wildbill is shipping me some and I have no earthly idea what it might cost me, but I don't care. Oh - how are those new Colorado laws? Crap. You guys are getting as commie as CA.
  7. robertc1024

    boolit thread

    Do you guys trust each other??? I met a random dude on Texasguntalk and he was hurting for .38 specials because he got a new-to-him k-frame. I had to drive to Houston today and randomly bought him a 50 round box of .38's for $23 bucks and took it to him at his work. Can't we do something...
  8. robertc1024

    conceal carry gun rant

    Too many guns? psshh
  9. robertc1024

    The gun thread...

    You a terrorist. Very nice. I'm on a forum called Texas Gun Talk. I can't believe all the stuff they do (or their personalities.) Diane Feinstein, rot in hell.
  10. robertc1024

    Holy Cripes

    Whoot - scored another couple of boxes of .243's.
  11. robertc1024

    Cutting Gun Stock Blanks

    Man, that's a good question. We've got a few people around these parts that make stocks. My FIL had an old, old, English .410 re-stocked by a guy down the road. I'd talk to the pros about it. I'd be happy to get his name and contact info for you if you are interested.
  12. robertc1024

    TSA to allow 2.36" knives on airplanes starting 4-25-13, what will you be packin?

    No lockbacks? My trusty Buck 503 will have to stay at home. I'll definitely take something though. Probably one of those puny swiss army knives.
  13. robertc1024

    Cheaper Than Dirt

    +1 to that. I've heard several horror stories about CTD. I'd never buy anything from them. ooooo - lookie, I'm a terrorist because my massive mags hold 17 rounds!!!!!! This crap is getting old.
  14. robertc1024

    Holy Cripes

    I hear you, but you can't even find the brass these days.
  15. robertc1024

    They Found "Our" Mountain Lion!

    I saw one last year hunting in south TX. We had dogs out hunting for quail and one of the guys on our rig started yelling "Did you see that cat?" We collected the dogs and about 300 yards away from us, the mountain lion jumped up behind a mott and just cruised off. Cool as heck. It easily...
  16. robertc1024

    Water Heater Breaker

    Ok gents, here's the deal. Every six months or so my guest house trips the breaker going to the water heater. It's a pretty old heater ~10 years or so, but if the bottom heating element was sagging and shorting out, wouldn't it do it more frequently? Other than the breaker trips, it seems to...
  17. robertc1024

    Electrics Dead

    HALP - So I'm driving my other truck (2008 F150) to a gym meet out of town. ABS light comes on while going down the highway. I was looking at the gauges, and all of the sudden all of them are dead. The truck was still running fine. I pulled off and parked it. I tried to start it again and...
  18. robertc1024

    Holy Cripes

    Crap man - you should buy that stuff up and start an on-line store.
  19. robertc1024

    bought a savage .270, advice?

    Just WOW. Sounds more deadly than exciting. I'd never go deer hunting with other people. It's scary enough quail hunting with people I know and trust. I've drawn a bead on my father in law several times over the years. Usually just two or three with shotguns will go after a dog on point...
  20. robertc1024

    bought a savage .270, advice?

    Yeah - but the book is bad ass. Get it and it will school you a lot.

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