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  1. pocket-rocket

    Re-introduction to me and my truck.

    It's been some time since I was "active" on this board, but with the arrival of some new shoes on my truck, the passion has been reignited. I doubt anyone here remembers me, but using a pic from my original intro thread might help to show I'm not totally new here...
  2. pocket-rocket

    Been a long time away, but I need some help here.

    My Ranger is still rocking, even at almost 230k miles. It was 2 degrees out today and I haven't started it up since the Thursday, and that was only to move it to clear the snow from the big bad snow storm. It cranked slow but fired on the first try :headbang: My question isn't about my Ranger...
  3. pocket-rocket

    Kristen Miller

    I know I have not been by the site in a while, but now I am here and with a big need. Please keep my friends and their family in your thoughts and prayers (I know gearheads have hearts too). Their daughter (Kristen Miller) was born on Sept. 11th, 2001 in Riley Childrens Hospital in Indianapolis...
  4. pocket-rocket

    Cheap and easy v8 swap

    Check this out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9XAC-BvUyo
  5. pocket-rocket

    I has a floppy.... door handle.

    My drivers side door handle has some slop and flop in it. It moves about 1/2" before you actually feel resistance from the latch mechanism. I was thinking it was probably a bushing in the end of one of the rods going to the latch. I know I've seen it on other Rangers before, but has anyone...
  6. pocket-rocket

    Worlds tightest garage

    Good thing he doesn't own a Ranger. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/80897461/
  7. pocket-rocket

    I tell you what..

    Every time I start my poor little old truck it amazes me. I've never been a Ford guy, but I do like Mustangs and Rangers. My little truck is actually what has me no longer bashing Ford. It now has just over 183k on the clock (assuming since it's not a 1 million mile odometer) and in the last...
  8. pocket-rocket

    Call me stupid if you have to.

    I want a 4wd truck. Who doesn't? For me, money to drop into a new vehicle isn't so easy. When I got my Ranger I was all dead set on doing the hard work to make my 2wd a 4wd (I know, I can see your eyes rolling already), including replacing the engine cross member. Lately I've been thinking...
  9. pocket-rocket

    Changing shocks and broke my...

    I started to change front shocks and broke the end of the stud that is mounted to the radius arm, even after heating the rusty old nut holding the shock on... I know someone on here had done the same thing, or else theirs broke off right at the radius arm and had posted what they did to fix it...
  10. pocket-rocket

    2.3 Lima

    I don't know what all Jet does to their chips now, but years ago my friend showed me the stock spark table for an Grand Prix and the spark table from a Jet chip (DIS). Well the only thing I saw was they bumped up the spark advance at WOT. That was it. I would hope by now they do more then...
  11. pocket-rocket

    2.3 Lima

    The reprogramming is only a support mod. It's not going to make your 4 cylinder breath fire after you do it, but if you have a bunch of other mods (cam, head work, exhaust, ect.) it will help your engine run to its optimum - if you know what you are doing with the computer. If I told you your...
  12. pocket-rocket

    Flipping Axle Over Leaf Springs/Help

    Couldn't you also just get an Explorer rear end? I mean, 4x4 and 2x4 off road guys get them because they are stronger (31 spline axle shafts) and cut the spring perches off to weld new ones on the top because the Explorer has the axle over spring setup like what you want to do, vs the spring...
  13. pocket-rocket

    2.3 Lima

    I haven't messed with any of the OBD2 programming. I know some of the guys on 60v6 that swap in OBD2 systems into their OBD1 cars use either an HPTuners or DHP to reflash their ECMs. That or they go to stand alone like Haltec or Megasquirt. I would run a search for Ranger OBD2 tuning or...
  14. pocket-rocket

    2.3 Lima

    If you ever get into computer tuning that setting (in GM computers anyways) is called the idle follower. It's a setting the computer uses to control the IAC. And yeah, there isn't much I would trade my Lima for, besides a Lima with a rotary muffler.
  15. pocket-rocket

    A few youtube videos I like

    I posted these on another forum for a few of my friends and thought maybe you guys might like them too. Four hands guitar A parody of the four hands guitar vid (made me lol for real) Unique style of playing the guitar and makes me wish I had practiced mine more when I had it.
  16. pocket-rocket

    www.rockauto.com discount code

    On the 60v6 forum I am on, we have had a stickied thread going for a few years now. I don't know how many of you guys use Rockauto, but I love them. If you have the time to wait for parts, then you can save yourself a decent chunk of change most of the time. Anyways, here is the email I got...
  17. pocket-rocket

    The gun thread...

    Well since it is a gun thread, and not restricted to rifles, here is mine (I hope the pics came out ok): From assembled to field stripped in about 5 seconds: What it is: Sturm Ruger P90 DC semi auto .45 cal handgun with manual decocker (no safety). I've shot guns without hearing...
  18. pocket-rocket

    My grenaded carrier bearing fun...

    But not all is lost. For finance reasons I may have had to stay with a 7.5 for now, but at least the 3.45 open diff got replaced with this: I got a whole axle assembly with 3.73, L/S, and 10" brakes (old ones were 9") for under $200, which was the cheapest deal I could find within 300 miles...
  19. pocket-rocket

    Newb from North Central Indiana

    Hi guys. Nice site :) I have had you guys bookmarked for a while now (about a month after I got my Ranger about a year and a half ago) and finally decided to join. I am more of a GM guy (I know, bad thing to say on a Ford truck site, please forgive me) and come more from the FWD V6 area of...

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