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  1. superj

    Saw a couple black bear this morning…

    Thats awesome! I have never seen a bear anywhere but the zoo. They are not anywhere near me. Not like sharks, used to see them all the time while surfing but they aren't interested inbeating people unless you kick them or accidentally hit them with your board while on a wave
  2. superj

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    No, its the turbo charged version with the 2.5. Reading some from forums, it sounds like people swap the engine for the 2.4 and go for more boost. Sounds like the 2.5 has some issues with high boost and cracking
  3. superj

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    We went where you start the tours and the store is. Where the cars are in the building.
  4. superj

    Rim clamp tire machine score!

    Nice!!! I have said i was goinf ro buy one for years but still haven't
  5. superj

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    On the return leg of our trip to virginia, we stopped at bmw in spartanburg sc. Man, there are a bunch of rangers and, at least, ine bronco2 in the employee parking lot. I didnt take pics because people were out there and they might have called security on me, but wow, lots of rangers. We...
  6. superj

    Im going to go test drive Electric Vehicles

    Our base is only about three miles from the north gate to thr south gate. I dont think they get 100 miles a month
  7. superj

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Saw a beautifully restored ranger while driving from corpus christi to fort lee virginia. The dude repainted it a very nice military green, but not flat or satin, a normal shine green. It had an aftermarket rear bumper with a tire carrier mounted, a rack in the back with a tent on top, an...
  8. superj

    Smoke Test

    I think you have something wrong than. I dont think you should get smoke from anything
  9. superj

    Im going to go test drive Electric Vehicles

    tape on the leading edge of wings is an allowed repair to let you get the plane home. its in one of the books they give you in a&p school. man, i have been trying to think of he name of the book because its the oddball one that shows all the extra things not covered in the airframe...
  10. superj


    i just keep swapping engines into my karmann ghia every time i would have an issue from the rear main seal leaking suddenly. one or two engines and i became a lot more serious on changing that seal if i got any kind of shudder when shifting, or a sudden oil drip from the transmission/engine...
  11. superj

    4.6L info needed?

    my parents had a nice towncar with the 4.6, back in 93/94. it was probably a 92 model and my mom had it all the way till, at least, 99 or 2k and it never used any extra oil. those back air shocks though, they had to go.
  12. superj

    "Death Wobble"?

    looks like some birds are building a nest inside that frame, too, ha haha
  13. superj

    looking for a high mpg wagon

    my mom's previa was a great van. we had it for about 5 years and it never broke down or gave us trouble. it took us all over the southwestern states, from cali to east texas with no problems. and i drove it like a hotrod. i never knew they were supercharged from the factory but that explains...
  14. superj

    Does anybody still mess with carburetor tuning/jetting?

    i love carbs. my last one was when i converted my jeep from the stroker 4.5 to the 302. originally the 4.5 had a weber two barrel on it but it wasn't working out for the previous owner. i bought an offenhauser intake and put a holley four barrel from a 65 or 66 mustang on it and it ran...
  15. superj

    I bought a Gently Used Gentlemans Crossover AWD....Don't judge me....lol

    i have an suv too, but its a two door wrangler. it gets worse mileage than the ranger and makes a lot more noise. i don't know why i still have the wrangler other than the youngest son wants it.
  16. superj

    Im going to go test drive Electric Vehicles

    that would suck
  17. superj

    Im going to go test drive Electric Vehicles

    thats crazy. 60k for a base looking truck. its crazy that any truck is 60k thats just a half ton
  18. superj

    302 in 89 ranger(5speed)

    make sure a carb will pass inspection in your state. 89 would have been fuel injected and if they do emissions in your area, sometimes even just a visual, switching from fuel injection to carb is a no-go.
  19. superj

    looking for a high mpg wagon

    i am not sure if parts are hard to find for those tercel wagons. i would think lots of parts interchange from a normal tercel or other toyota vehicles. you could also look for one of those cool toyota vans from the 80s/90s like this. they came with optional 4x4, like the tercel wagons did...
  20. superj

    looking for a high mpg wagon

    toyota tercel wagon form the late 80s. the back was tall so you could sit up while on the mattress because it kind of looks like a van but gets almost 30mpg.

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