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  1. snomaker321

    Replacing front speed sensor

    My abs engages at slow speeds(around 5-6mph) Ive done some research and figured out that the problem is the speed sensor. On my 2004, can I just replace the sensor or do i need to replace the hub assembly? Truck is 4wd. If someone could pass along a link to a step by step or instructions for...
  2. snomaker321

    Want new rims, backspacing question

    Im looking for new rims for my truck. I have 265x75-16 duratracs that rub at full lock. Looks like new rims will be 16x8(stock is 16x7?) Im getting a little confused with backspacing when the rim is also getting wider. I think i need 4" of backspacing or less, is that correct? I found a set I...
  3. snomaker321

    Hood Interchange

    I was in an accident in my truck a few months ago and my hood suffered some damage. I have a 2004 ranger edge 4x4. I am wondering what hoods from what years will fit on my truck. I want the powerdome style(either like mine or the classic 01-03 one if it will fit and line up). Thanks
  4. snomaker321

    Wheel fell of truck...whos fault?

    I was driving home the other night and the front tire fell off my truck and rested on the brake rotor. I probably should've realized the lug nuts were probably loose as the wheel was making some weird sounds, but I thought it was the wheel bearing on its way out(happened on the other side last...
  5. snomaker321

    Freaky Battery Problem

    I went to the gas station yesterday and was stopped for about 2 minutes while I put $10 in my tank. When I got back in my truck it wouldn't start-dead battery. I tried cleaning and wiggling the connections and even replaced one but got nothing. We tried jumping it with my girlfriends jeep but...
  6. snomaker321

    Replacing rear shackles

    Truck is a 2004 Ranger Edge 4x4 One of my rear shackles is completely gone and the other is not too far behind it. I'm definitely replacing both of them. My options for replacement are as follows: 1.) Replace with Dorman replacement(part #722-001) 2.) Replace with Belltech 6400 shackles for 2"...
  7. snomaker321

    Body Lift Pros vs Cons

    Im considering putting a body lift of my '04 ranger edge 4x4. The most popular kit seems to me the PA 3" kit for about $200. With the bumper relocation brackets, what happens in the event of an accident? What is the modification to the front frame horns? What happens to my trailer hitch? Do I...
  8. snomaker321

    Dealing with rust underneath

    I was under my truck today and noticed a decent amount of rust, especially in the rear(around leaf springs etc) but most of the frame is pretty much rust free. Everything's still solid for now and I'd like to keep it that way. Should I worry about it now or just accept the fact that I live in...
  9. snomaker321

    my dads looking for a new ride

    Well my dads '99 yukon is on its way out. Has around 190,000 miles on it, and the axle bearings are going/gone, among other problems. Need some opinions on what to replace it with. Must get good gas mileage(20+ mpg) and be able to comfortably tow around 3000lbs(4 place snowmobile trailer) He's...
  10. snomaker321

    been thinking about some sort or locker or l/s

    I've been thinking about putting some sort of locker in my rear end or making it a l/s. I dont really need one as it is a DD street rig, but Id still like my truck to be fully capable and have no problems if I ever need it.(Plus I cant just leave things alone:icon_hornsup:) I did a little...
  11. snomaker321

    need a drop hitch

    i need a drop hitch(or ball mount or whatever you wanna call it) for my ranger. Right now i have one of these 3 ball hitches but its too high to tow anything: Anyway, i need a drop hitch. First of all, what size do you guys think i need? Truck is stock except for 265/75-16 tires. Also, is...
  12. snomaker321

    tracracks and tonneau cover

    I think i have found a way to have tracracs and a soft tonneau cover, without buying the ridiculous $600 trac tonneau. Im really excited about this and pretty sure it will work. stay tuned for updates
  13. snomaker321

    esab migmaster 150

    Came across an esab migmaster 150 NIB for $250. Cant find much info on it but from what I can tell its around 10 years old or so. Also, I think i've read that esab's are awesome welders, if you can afford them. Any input appreciated
  14. snomaker321

    looking at a welder

    havent been on in a while but i figured this is a good place to ask. Ive been in the market for a small mig welder for a while now. i have a few small projects to do and I want to teach myself how to weld. I found a Lincoln SP-125 plus mig welder. comes with 2 small argon tanks, 1 small co2...
  15. snomaker321

    Saw some awesome fireworks last night!

    Jaffery Festival of Fireworks. Jaffery, NH The whole things about 40min, so if you just want to wat some i recommend videos 3 and 5. Enjoy! dmWm1_MFNww kJoWOfdxavQ&feature=related yN667CG2Tb8&feature=related 7JUHXIbX59E&feature=related 7UB2o_oMfjo&feature=related
  16. snomaker321

    hows this welder look?

    http://nh.craigslist.org/tls/1908076524.html Been looking for a while, this looks like a decent deal to me. thoughts? I figure the welders around $500 new, plus a few hundred? for the full tank and a bit more for the wire and gloves. doesnt say it includes a mask though
  17. snomaker321

    245/75-16 vs. 265/75-16

    Im still up in the air about whether or not i want to go up a size when i get new tires this fall. Lets hear some pros and cons about ride quality, looks, fuel economy, etc. tires will be all terrains, most likely goodyear duratracs
  18. snomaker321

    a/c ticking

    I started my truck and with the a/c on there was a ticking noise coming from under the passengers dash. I went out to eat and it was not like this when I got to the restaurant but was as soon as I left. A quick search tells me its some sort of debris in the blower, just wanted to confirm this...
  19. snomaker321

    Just sold my old truck

    for $300. I paid $800 for it, took off the cap and ladder rack, and it barely runs anymore. Im pretty happy with it. Anyone want a fiberglass cap and ladder rack?:D
  20. snomaker321

    Hobart Handler 120 welder

    Anyone have any experience with this welder? I found one fairly close to me, the guy wants $200 for it. http://nh.craigslist.org/grd/1877375910.html

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