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  1. lvwill

    1994 outer tie rod ends wrong thread direction?

    The only thing you should have to turn is the sleeve to adjust the length of the tierod.
  2. lvwill

    Best starting upgrades for off-roading 1994 Ranger XLT

    IMHO the best thing you can do is gears and transmission cooler
  3. lvwill

    Career crisis!!

    Do what you love to do until it's not fun anymore. I had a passion for woodworking when I was in Jr. High school When I was 15 I started working in the summer learning how to build stairs and do handrails. Not as easy as it seems, I quit and went into custom cabinets and kitchen and bath design...
  4. lvwill

    Ranger Race at the Freedom Factory - Open to the public

    We actually had the opportunity to talk with cleatus in Vegas for 20 minutes or so during ls fest in Vegas. Garret and Jimmy are very down to earth guys that just happened to find a way to make a great living doing what they love. Both of them all greasy and dirty took the time to talk to the...
  5. lvwill

    Ranger Race at the Freedom Factory - Open to the public

    I've seen this, they say no power adders but they don't specify any year range. How would a 2019+ ranger in stock form stack up to the older ones? I know there are some wrecked new rangers out there!
  6. lvwill

    Ammo prices?

    That is about the only thing sitting on the shelves here in Vegas!
  7. lvwill

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  8. lvwill

    BII prices?? Funny stuff

    I recently sold a beautiful 90 b2 for 1000 because I didn't have room for it. Had a bad computer. I actually doubled my money on it!
  9. lvwill

    5.0 Swap

    It's 5/8" farther back. Probably wouldn't even notice the difference.i had a sn95 t5 in my fox body and it was fine.
  10. lvwill

    another odd recall

    Mine came in the mail a couple weeks ago.
  11. lvwill

    Full size Bronco questions?

    I had a 90 fsb about 19 years ago and drove used it to commute from Vegas to socal for work. It was 5.0 auto gutless as hell but with about 1500 pounds of woodworking tools loaded in the back and pulling a 16 foot trailer loaded up with 5-6000 pounds of material it did pretty good. I actually...
  12. lvwill

    Gun rack in 2020 supercrew

    https://diamondbackcovers.com/products/diamondback-se-ford-ranger?variant=32673661681763&choosenVariant=Aluminum This is what I've decided to get. This and bed carpet and all with be great. A little pricey but much more sexy than the other options.
  13. lvwill

    GM TBI on a Ford 302

    https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/fuel_injection/sniper_efi/sniper_4bbl_tbi_kits/sniper_4bbl_tbi_master_kits_with_fuel_system/parts/550-516K This would probably be the easiest most cost effective way to get EFI and look factory.
  14. lvwill

    Problems with lack of power

    Grey tfi is the correct one for your truck.
  15. lvwill

    Problems with lack of power

    Did you have a cel? 88 should definitely have a grey tfi. Has nothing to do with altitude has to do with the way the computer controls timing. Really sounds like you have a computer problem.
  16. lvwill

    2021 Ford Ranger Tremor

    I honestly think that the fx2 and 4 should have come from the factory leveled with the fox package. Just look at the Tacoma they don't have the crazy rake that the rangers have. And yes the tremor definitely should be an fx4 level 2. And a front locker.
  17. lvwill

    Problems with lack of power

    Is the tfi on the new distributor the same color as the old one? I bought a rebuilt distributor for my 92 2.9 and it came with a black tfi. It ran like crap. Should be the grey one.
  18. lvwill

    TRS 2020 Round-Up / September 19th, 2020

    Wish I could be there. Just too far from Nevada! Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  19. lvwill

    What Brand(s) cordless power tools do you go with?

    Personally I am strictly makita. In all the years I've been in the construction industry most dependable cordless tools made.

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