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  1. pillen140

    Its been real...

    Well, never thought I'd do it... But I traded in the ranger. Its been a while since I've been on here because of my work, but this was always my favorite forum. Loved my truck and never planned on getting rid of it, but it was getting rusty.... The one thing that I couldn't fix! Had it for about...
  2. pillen140

    Good first gun options - .22 and russian surplus rifles?

    I have a savage mark ii fvxp, great gun. Very accurate and fun to shoot. Also have a ruger 10-22, which is fun, but not nearly as accurate. But ruger has a ton of aftermarket parts and stocks if that's your thing. I do prefer the mark ii though... Love that accutrigger.
  3. pillen140

    Ammo being Available again?

    Doorgunner, that's crazy to hear! I thought I was the only one who had a tragic incident involving them! I lost mine in a tragic concrete pouring accident... Can't remember where though.
  4. pillen140

    Ammo being Available again?

    Our local dicks sporting had 3 50 rd packs of .22lr for $10 each and a crap ton of .223
  5. pillen140

    winch/bumper mounts....

    Well, getting ready to finally build my front bumper pretty soon, was wondering if you guys had some pics of how you guys attached yours to the frame, just trying to get different design ideas. Especially because of my body lift. I'm thinking about cutting the frame horns, mounting the winch...
  6. pillen140

    sloth on a speed boat

    http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=0FN9MJrcqCg Thought this was hilarious! http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=0FN9MJrcqCg
  7. pillen140

    Cheaper Than Dirt

    I bought from there before... good service, but theyre definitely cashing in on this right now
  8. pillen140

    forgot to post pics of mud bog from last year.

    forgot i had these! some pictures are terrible quality... sorry. for anyone that wants to attend a 4x4cross sponsored event... its a joke! lol, poorly run! and competition in the "stock class" is nuts... i was the only one who drove there, but that was the half of it. there were two vehicles...
  9. pillen140

    Informal poll and opinions ar15

    i dont know what guns youre talking about... i lost mine in the river in a tragic boating accident.
  10. pillen140


    I love fishing, not huge on deep sea. ill fish for anything and usually don't eat 'em. used to fish lake ontario quite a bit when I lived in canada, but now mostly small lakes. I think the most fun is river fishing.... you never know what you're going to pull out of the water.... boots, tires...
  11. pillen140

    double standards....

    does it make anyone else sick that more innocent americans were killed abroad, for something that had nothing to do with them? if an innocent muslem was killed in the united states over a protest, america would be blasted as hate mongers all over the world? but because it was a different country...
  12. pillen140

    tons of guns.

    idk about a ton.... 150lbs maybe?.... lol
  13. pillen140

    bought a g-tech at a swap meet

    I laid down some pretty staggering hp numbers with my 3.0! lol, 95hp! whoooo! I know there are a ton of variables, and they're not that accurate, but its a pretty fun little toy, and well worth the price I paid. If I had to guess I would have expected somewhere around 100 rwhp. its pretty...
  14. pillen140

    search button....

    is it me or is it more annoying that everyone jumps all over new people for posting a question that has been asked before? you're going to scare away people that aare trying to learn something, and although it may have been asked 15000 times before, they obviously didn't see the search function...
  15. pillen140

    leaf blower turbos dont work?

    http://youtu.be/ngRdKSh99YU or do they? lol. a friend sent me this video. look out turbos, here comes a toro!
  16. pillen140

    Stubborn 8.8 C-clip removal with Detroit Truetrac

    Will the c clip spin and come out towards the pinion?
  17. pillen140

    Stubborn 8.8 C-clip removal with Detroit Truetrac

    Doh, was typing while you posted that, lol
  18. pillen140

    Stubborn 8.8 C-clip removal with Detroit Truetrac

    How the hell did it go in? Lol. Have any big c clamps? Clamp the flange to the backing plate just enough to squeeze it?
  19. pillen140

    Does anyone have/had a tent trailer? Opinions and advice please

    Even while towing mine, its not that noticable.... and that's with a 3.0L and 35s lol. I just moved it in the backyard by hand too. That's a huge plus, because I hate hooking up just to move it 25ft to mmow under it.

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