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  1. DannyG

    Opinions on 1985 Ranger up for sale

    Excited to see a clean survivor getting some love.
  2. DannyG

    1991 ford ranger

    Really love this truck and looks super clean.
  3. DannyG

    Project Papa J

    I too have issues with sentimental attachment. This is why I still have my '92. I am glad it is running.
  4. DannyG

    High mileage Ranger - Worth investing in?

    I would say as the others have, drive it till things start to fail. Then fix it. The worst mistake I ever made was letting my '92 sit. I plan to restore it so I am not worried, it has been trouble free for all of the DD life it had and has saved my bacon more than I can count. Just continue to...
  5. DannyG

    Photo - Help on what I believe is a fuel vapor line hose, where does it go?

    Not 100% sure as my 4.0 is '92 but if it is for the vapor purge, there is a nipple on the throttle body that mine connects too. It would be on the bottom of the throttle body.
  6. DannyG

    Struggling with Rough Idle, can't think of what to do next

    Have you tested the flow of the injectors? The cleaner may not have corrected enough. They could be clogged and not misting the fuel as they should even though all the digital/electrical sections are within specs. Also, have you inspected the computers physically? Looking at the board for hot...
  7. DannyG

    Are You Going To Preorder Or Purchase A New Ford Ranger?

    I have a year left on my lease for the Santa Fe, then plan to tool around in the '92 for a year to save money and reduce debt before purchasing a lighting blue one. That may change, but I will mark owning a brand new Ranger off of my bucket list.
  8. DannyG

    My 1997 Ranger 3.0 4x4

    Ah. you had Lasic done. Looks good.
  9. DannyG

    1987 ranger project

    This is the sad truth as these trucks age. The cool aftermarket has moved onto to greener pastures. If I had to do it all over again, I would have purchased the things I wanted for my '92 when I got it in '07. Parts were still aplenty. Looks like a clean '87.
  10. DannyG

    2006 Ford Ranger Prerunner Build (Beginning)

    That is one clean Ranger. Lover the color. Should be a solid platform to build on.
  11. DannyG

    1988 Ranger Restoration - Keeping a Promise

    I have never liked those style LED lights, gives it a bad look. Would look better with the projector style in my opinion. www.amazon.com/dp/B003XFJKU0
  12. DannyG

    97' XLT V6 3.0 Fixer Upper

    Looks like a solid truck for a little commuter. I have never liked the whole truck in bed liner craze, I prefer a nice gloss on my truck/car. I will say though a matte OD green or Sandstone is quite attractive. If you do eventually go the route of either paint or bed liner always choose...
  13. DannyG

    92 Ranger regular cab door rattles while driving

    For the inside door latch it needs to be from a 1991-1989 model, the back should look like below. You will also need the corresponding latch for the rods. Below is a crude drawing of how it should hook up. You will need to rotate the interior handle 90 degrees or vertical to feed the rod end...
  14. DannyG

    My Ranger is Cold

    I concur with RonD on making sure to get the sender. Just replaced the one on my '92 4.0 and the auto store and mechanic told me I needed the sensor. Where abouts in MN are you located?
  15. DannyG

    20th Anniversary Member Banner

    Done... Best resource for the madness.
  16. DannyG

    Quest for new HVAC housing - Question

    I am in search of a new or excellent condition HVAC housing with air condition. My question is, For those who may have replaced this or added A/C where were the best places to find good condition part? Nothing is re-manufactured for this, and initial searching on ebay and like sites have...
  17. DannyG

    Replacing Quarter Glass 2nd Gen

    Replacing Quarter Glass 2nd Gen Question I am looking for insight on replacing the quarter glass for my 92 Ranger Extended Cab. Currently I have the movable glass but the holes for the hinges have become worn and the window moves a decent amount whether opened or closed. My first question...
  18. DannyG

    Been awhile needed to show off my Lady.

    So my Ranger was looking a little sad, haven't spent much time making it look good, so today I decided to wash it. Representing, And my favorite shot of the day. Hopefully I will have new springs and tires before winter. Needs some mechanical TLC but I love her. She is one...
  19. DannyG

    How I Spent My Tuesday.

    Well a friend asked me if would help them move. I said yes like I always do, well they rented a trailer and paid for my gas and lunch. So moving was fun. I got to tow a trailer for the first time ever. On the trip home the trailer was all drunk on me. Was expecting it but still...

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