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  1. Ramirezsergio63

    2.3L ('83-'97) 93 ranger 4cyl white smoke like train

    I was looking in the market in my area for a 2.3 but theyre all 1995s, i know theyre some differences from 93s and 95s, will they work for my 93?
  2. Ramirezsergio63

    2.3L ('83-'97) 93 ranger 4cyl white smoke like train

    I dont lose coolant, i do lose alot of oil though, are rings and balve seals easy To do?
  3. Ramirezsergio63

    2.3L ('83-'97) 93 ranger 4cyl white smoke like train

    I currently have a 93 ranger 4cyl 2wd, i use it for work every day for pool service, this past two weeks the truck has been blowing white smoke on several occasions, and when it does it the truck becomes sluggish and i can hear a rattle coming from the engine. It shoots out black stuff out the...
  4. Ramirezsergio63

    95 ranger L4 high flow cat

    As of right now im running a 95 4banger with the normal cat but no muffler.... I like it that way cause it pisses my neighbors and my parents :thefinger: for me it sounds good, but will adding a high flow cat affect the sound or will it stay the same? If it sounds louder which brand should i...
  5. Ramirezsergio63

    does not start

    I have problem starting my truck, evry time i have to push that shit in order to start and run. Its not the battery, its reading 12.5 or so i got the starter like 1 or 1.5 years ago, but my friend says its the starter. Everything turns on, lights radio, windshield wipers etc.... the only thing...
  6. Ramirezsergio63

    never changed manual tranny oil, help

    I need some help changing the oil of a tranny from 1995 5 speed 2wd ranger. Ive never done this before. I believe it needs oil in there cause when i removed the rubber plug and stuck my finger in there it was dry. So do i just drain the oil from the plug and just fill it from the hole where the...
  7. Ramirezsergio63

    trouble with pcm

    I was cruising down in my 95 ranger 5 speed when it suddenly out of nowhere everything shut down. I pulled over and like five minutes later it started again like nothing. After that, it made the same thing like every two weeks until one day I waited like an hour:annoyed: and didnt start and a...
  8. Ramirezsergio63

    race truck for 2012

    How did you do that? (see pic):icon_confused:
  9. Ramirezsergio63

    Rattling noise---1995 2.3L XL

    So I was testing out my truck to against a 1993 Acura Vigor (straight 5 engine) and when I hit about 4,000 rpm I heard a rattling noise that came from the passengers side and then when I shifted again it dissapeared until I hit 4,000 rpm again...I believe its the exhaust cause it already looks...
  10. Ramirezsergio63

    1988 2.3L Timing Marks

    Here's the best I got
  11. Ramirezsergio63

    Acceleration pedal

    I just wanted to know how I could adjust the acceleration pedal on my 1995 2.3l because the pedal seems to be kind of loose and doesnt accelerate as much. thnx:dunno:
  12. Ramirezsergio63

    Timing belt 2.3l diagram (DETAILED)

    Second picture of 2.3L ranger timing belt:icon_thumby:
  13. Ramirezsergio63

    Timing belt tensioner

    Something like this should help you deal with the timing belt tensioner use a pry bar and position it well you also have to bring in muscles:headbang: just click on pic for larger view
  14. Ramirezsergio63

    1995 2.3L Acceleration problems...need help please!

    Heres's the story... When I was driving at 60mph, all of my coolant leaked out and the engine started heating very fast and it turned off by itself:bawling:. I found out that one of the heater hoses went loose because of a broken "device" wich my teacher told me it was used to warm the coolant...
  15. Ramirezsergio63

    Whats up ranger drivers

    Any guys from california, specially from the coachella valley are here?:icon_confused:
  16. Ramirezsergio63

    Advice needed on timing belt...Please help!!!

    So after putting my timing belt on my 1995 ranger 4 banger, I was told that I needed to replace the timing belt tensioner too...:dunno: but its in good condition and everything and I dont wanna go back in there start all over... do I really have to replace it?? thnx
  17. Ramirezsergio63

    my 2.3 4 banger wont start

    I have a 1995 ford ranger 2.3L all stock. In the beggining it starts fine, but after driving around town and turning the engine off, I cant run the truck right back on until I wait like for 3 or 5 minutes and then it will run. I dont know whats the problem, it cranks and the radio and lights...

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