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  1. Hazmat Ranger

    Wise/Jack County Texas Map Rally

    So today a very good friend of mine and I entered an SCCA Rally. They give you 10 locations to visit and you can choose E Class and use any kind of electronics or S Class and can only use paper maps to find the locations. Each location has a question that must be answered correctly based on the...
  2. Hazmat Ranger

    Official Hazmat V8 Thread

    Well I have officially began a V8 build for my Ranger. Earlier this year I found a 1966 289 short block and took it into a machine shop for cleaning, inspection and necessary machining. It all checked out good but needed to be machined 0.030 over to clean up some rust in the cylinders. The...
  3. Hazmat Ranger

    Hazmat Ranger Under the Knife

    I have been gathering all the necessary materials and parts for this mod since Spring of this year. When I say "under the knife" I will be doing a mod on a US Ranger that has NEVER been done. Let me state here that I do not KNOW of anyone doing this to a US Ranger yet. I am installing the...
  4. Hazmat Ranger

    Laps for Charity II Tx Motor Speedway

    September 10th, 2011 You're the driver when Texas Motor Speedway opens up the track to the public for the last time this year. Experience the thrill of driving your car around the 1.5-mile speedway oval, all to benefit Speedway Children's Charities at Texas Motor Speedway. Take three laps...
  5. Hazmat Ranger

    Car Show WIN!!!

    Went to a small car show today at Hooters in Denton Texas, met up with Stealth Ranger there also. Not many attendees due to the heat . . . TRS Decal FTW!!! I have noTRS Banner so I hung up my R of T. And the best pic of all . . .
  6. Hazmat Ranger

    my new truck

    Nice and clean Gen 3 . . . hope the recovery is going well. Give us some more details when you have the time.
  7. Hazmat Ranger

    Interior Color Change - Planning

    I am beginning to plan out the change of my interior. Below is a photoshopped idea I have come up with. Not sure about ALL of the red accents, so give me your thoughts - it will be Red and Black when finished. Also there will be some aluminum accents here and there. Thanks
  8. Hazmat Ranger

    Coffee and Cars

    North Texas Ranger owners Come One Come All To Coffee and Cars Saturday July 2nd in Plano Texas 8 am to Noon Not just Rangers - all cars and trucks of all makes and models of any year you can imagine (except the future). Click Link to view details and past meet pics...
  9. Hazmat Ranger

    New Seat

    I got no replies on a free seat cover to use as a template - soooooo - I tore apart my old one and used it as a template - I was a little worried but I finished the drivers seat today. My custom embroidered logo that I made and embroidered. In the truck: This just means I have to...
  10. Hazmat Ranger

    Down and Out

    Well the Ranger had to get a ride tonight after her transmission gave out. Over 200,000 miles guess it was just her time. Here are a few shots of her getting picked up. Even though she is down and out she still maintains her cool and looks good while being hauled away - :bawling: :no2...
  11. Hazmat Ranger

    Custom front axle??

    Funny you mentioned the Toyotas - some guys have actually taken the Toy front suspension clip and grafted them onto a Ranger frame and lowered them that way. Best of luck with it and keep us posted as to what you decide to do.
  12. Hazmat Ranger

    Road Trip

    Hey Everyone Calling out to all of the TRS Members for some help in advance. I am getting ready to take a very big road trip from Texas to Pennsylvania for holiday vacation. I want to put together a contact list in the event something happens during our trip. Please PM or e-mail me...
  13. Hazmat Ranger

    Another Center Console Build

    Ok - a while back I sold my fiberglass center console with the 10" sub in it and began building a new one. I do not have early build pics but here is the final stages. Not complete yet but close enough to show off. Materials used: Brushed Aluminum, Polished Stainless Steel, Dark Brown Leather...
  14. Hazmat Ranger

    lowering 97 ranger question

    First - Welcome to TRS Second - The hangers are all hanging down in stock form. There is an excellent write-up in the tech library on how to flip the shackles (http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/Dec%2005/tech.htm) the photos though are both of a flipped shackle. Start there and come on...
  15. Hazmat Ranger

    Pennsylvania Road Trip

    Hey everyone, I am planning a trip from Texas to Pennsylvania this December and wanted to get word out so that I may develop a list of contacts on my route in case something happens. Right now I am considering I-30 East to I-40 East, to I-81 North and into PA. If you live along this route...
  16. Hazmat Ranger

    Rubbing the Front

    I would have to agree, sounds like the offset of the rim may be too shallow and allow too much wheel/tire on the inside. I am running those 245/45/17 on the front on a 9" wide rim. My tires do not rub, but rim does as I mentioned above. Spacers may help if it does not move it out too far that...
  17. Hazmat Ranger

    Rubbing the Front

    I have a 3/4 DJM kit with dropped beams running stock springs and 9" wide front wheels running 245/45/17" tires. My tires do not rub but my rim hits the shock mount. What springs you running now?
  18. Hazmat Ranger

    My updated Ranger....

    Looks good man - Was there any difficulty doing the bumper swap? I have a 95 and want to do a new model bumper conversion since I have a large dent in my current one now. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.
  19. Hazmat Ranger

    New Trinidad Ranger Photos

    Ok everyone I got the chance today to get some up close interior and exterior shots of the Malaysian version of the Ford Ranger that is sold in Trinidad & Tobago. So scroll through and get a look at what our foreign Ranger brothers are driving. The Hurricane model - I think these would sell...
  20. Hazmat Ranger

    How long has it taken you to lower your truck?

    I did mine separately - rear first and then the front. The axle flip probably took around 2 hours and the front took about 4 since I was working by myself on both. The front also need more coercion to break loose the king pin bolts. So 6 - 8 hours alone is not a bad time - with help and all the...

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