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  1. Lonewolf613

    Easiest Manual Trans To Use With 302 Engine Swap

    I am just starting my 302 swap and I'm trying to gather up all the major components to do the job. My 90' Ranger cam factory with the 2.9L and 5 speed so i was planing on keeping it a manual with the 302 since the pedals are already there. So I'm just looking for some advise from those who have...
  2. Lonewolf613

    Best transmission to use in daily driver carb'd 302 ranger

    Hello, I've been researching V8 conversions in rangers for a couple years and I've finally starting on the swap into my 90' 2wd extcab. I already bought a complete 302 out of a 83 mustang GT with a mild cam, eldebrock bolt ons, and its been bored .040. Now I'm just not sure on what the best...
  3. Lonewolf613

    WTB: V8 swap parts.

    I want to do a V8 swap into my 1990 ranger, but funds are tight so i cant afford brand new parts. i was hopeing there was anyone here that has parts they are willing to sell or know of a place to get them used. i already have a built 302 and AOD out of a 83 mustang but i need everything else...
  4. Lonewolf613

    1990 2.9L not starting, help!!!

    I have a 1990 ranger with the 2.9. last week i was leaveing work and when i went to start the truck all it did was crank and not turn over, but i noticed my fuel pump was still running. i eventually got it started and it runs fine once started. i changed the fuel pressure regulator thinking it...
  5. Lonewolf613

    Front End Swap

    Hello, I'm new to the ranger station and i was wondering if anyone could help me out. I own a 1990 ranger ext. cab and i was wondering if it is possible to just bolt on the front clip from an 83' to 88' ranger on to the 90' core support and inner-fenders with little to no modifications, if...

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