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  1. ret_Marine2003

    1998 Ranger Brake Failure....

    1998 Ford Ranger Break failure... Or a modern update version of "Old Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" Hello, I had an exciting test drive yesterday. I picked up a low milage 1998 Ford Ranger that was supposed to be maintained by a Ford Tech. The guy might have been a Ford Tech, but he certainly did...
  2. ret_Marine2003

    1995 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe seats in a 1998 Ranger?

    Really? ...Man... All this time I thought SC stood for "SUPER CRAPPY". 😆
  3. ret_Marine2003

    1998 & Newer specific Ranger problems.....

    I have a 1998 Regular Cab XLT Stepside 2WD 2.5L 5spd standard trans. It has a leaky and noisy Power Steering problem. Cab floor rust out from water leaking inside.
  4. ret_Marine2003

    body panels

    That is funny. The FOMOCO parts manual calls it a Floor Tub.
  5. ret_Marine2003

    1995 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe seats in a 1998 Ranger?

    You are right. The car has the supercharged 3.8, I was trying to save on typing on my phone. Same idea, different car.
  6. ret_Marine2003

    FoxBody Mustang Seats In 96 Super Cab

    I know that most Fox body Mustang seats are the same in regards to the bolt and restraints. The SVO seats are different. The Fox body platform covers several other vehicles. Many of which you would see no value in their interiors.
  7. ret_Marine2003

    1995 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe seats in a 1998 Ranger?

    $100, but that is not too far from free ?
  8. ret_Marine2003

    Sunroof questions

    My 1998 has a sunroof that was probably dealer installed, but the gaskets failed long ago ago and caused damage to the floor. I am going to take it apart and reseal it soon. Until then, I cover it with a big magnetic fender cover to keep the water out. Someone in the past tried to reseal it...
  9. ret_Marine2003

    2000 Extended Cab XLT Seat Refurb

    The driver's and front passenger seats are the only comfortable seats in a Windstar. I had the deluxe model with all of the bells and whistles and even then the other seats were painfully uncomfortable. I was going to modify the third row seat to go in another extended cab truck, but decided it...
  10. ret_Marine2003

    Finally found a tan full center console

    What year Mountaineer did that center come from?
  11. ret_Marine2003

    Calling out to all Ranger experts (Bucket Seats in Regular Cab)

    I have been offered a set of 1995 T-Bird Super Coupe seats. I have a 1998 Regular cab XLT. The sunroof has been leaking water into the driver's side floor over the past several years and prior to my purchase, and the floor is in need of replacing. I could potentially cut out the TBird...
  12. ret_Marine2003

    1995 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe seats in a 1998 Ranger?

    I was offered a pair of 1995 T-Bird Turbo coupe seats yesterday. Has anyone put these in a Ranger yet? If so, what are the pitfalls besides less leg room for tall people? (My 5'2" daughter will eventually be the primary driver.)
  13. ret_Marine2003

    2007 Mustang. New project vehicle of mine.

    Ford probably still has most of those upgrades in their performance SVT and SVO catalog. I suspect the prior owner was keeping genuine parts in that Mustang. My younger brother bought the Motorsport dual exhaust shortly after buying his yellow 2006 Mustang. His was a 6cyl with manual...
  14. ret_Marine2003

    Garbage replacement parts

    I have some parts for an original 6v car. Many people convert to 12v.
  15. ret_Marine2003

    My 88 D21

    There was a 1986 Nissan D21 that went from Marine to Marine at MCAGCC 29 Palms Ca. The drivetrain was almost unstoppable. The electronic and wiring was not nearly as Marine proof. I rewired it once, and know others had to repair damage from other Marines who wanted to put a better sound system...
  16. ret_Marine2003

    Garbage replacement parts

    There are a lot of counterfeit parts out there online and even in stores. I have seen it myself. Moog, AC DELCO, MOTORCRAFT, MOPAR, etc... Painted parts with no marking at all that look just like the cheapest parts that you could buy. If it seems too good to be true... I have had good luck...
  17. ret_Marine2003

    Members By Location

    Saginaw Michigan... ( The crotch of the mitten )
  18. ret_Marine2003

    TRS Dearborn Michigan Meet & Greet

    I am in Saginaw. I have a 1998 Stepside XLT.
  19. ret_Marine2003

    body panels

    I need the driver's side floor panel for 1998 regular cab.
  20. ret_Marine2003

    98 Ranger front windshield replacement compatibility options

    Call your nearest "Auto Glass Specialists" and ask for a quote. Ask if there would be a discount if you remove the existing window and strip all of the old sealant and debris from the window frame. (I charge extra if I receive some half-ass work that prevents me from installing the...

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