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  1. flamingx

    Not sure if this should be in 'Under Constuction'or 'Metamorphosis'

    this is my '97 2wd Explorer when I bought it Summer of '07 2 months and a few mods later it looked this and that's how it rolled until Fall of '09 when I pulled it off the road to undertake some Old Skool mods heavily inspired by the great Rod builders that styles have seem to have been...
  2. flamingx

    '98+ 2WD front suspension pics

    I've searched all over the internet and can't seem to find any good pics of the 98+ coil spring front suspension for the Ranger/B-series (I missed the episode of Trucks when they tore down the frame on 'Rolling Thunder'). And every RBV I've ever owned has been either I-beam or T-bar so I've...
  3. flamingx

    07 ranger

    My old '02 Edge had 2" lift blocks in the rear from the factory, If this is the case with yours, by removing the blocks in the rear (even if the original U-bolts will still work, I strongly recommend replacing them with new grade 8 U-bolts for safety reasons) and cranking down your t-bars to the...
  4. flamingx

    Let's see what's out there....

    I thought it may have been something like that.
  5. flamingx

    Let's see what's out there....

    Not to mention, in most areas, the law states you most have atleast a drivers side door mount mirror and a windsheild mounted rearveiw (as long as the rear window isn't obstucted, in which case you must have a passenger side mirror as well) At least it's law where we live constant_projecttruck...
  6. flamingx

    RBV Meet Toronto Motorsport Park Sept. 13

    For info and reply please click here http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=52176 Please no reply here, I can't figure out how to lock this post.
  7. flamingx

    Ontario RBV Meet @ TMP Sept. 13

    On Sunday, September 13 the Ontario Ranger Based Vehicle Owners are hosting a Meet at Toronto Motorsport Park. All owners of any Ranger Based Vehicles are more than welcome to come, hang out, run their truck down the track or just watch. If you bring some burgers, I'll even throw them on the BBQ...
  8. flamingx

    Hand formed shifter knob

    This is how I made a shifter knob to fit perfectly to my hand. What you will need; -A shifter knob -Sand paper (40, 80, 120, 400 Grits) -Long strand fibreglass filler -Putty (two part is best, but pink putty will do) -Can of primer -Paint (colour of your choice) -RTV silicone (or other...
  9. flamingx

    Let's see what's out there....

    This is my '97 Explorer 2WD, lowered 2 1/2" in the front and 2" in the rear, Rims coming soon (old skool steel painted to match the top half of the truck with chrome centers and rings) rubber will most likely be 235/70R15 fronts and 255/70R15 rears (depends on cost).
  10. flamingx

    New guy from Canada

    Hello from Aylmer Ontario, Canada I own a '97 Explorer (lowered and flamed) I had to trade in my '02 Ranger Edge on it because you can't fit your wife, kid and two dogs into the cab of a Ranger, and my wife's new car can't tow the camper (according to the specs it can, but nobody make a hitch to...
  11. flamingx

    London, Ont. Can. May 9

    The Ontario Ranger Based Vehicle Owners are holding a Meet'n'Greet in London on May 9/09 for anybody in the area with a RBV. We are meeting at the Flying-J truck stop (Highbury & 401, exit 189) at noon for lunch followed by a cruise south to Lake Erie then along the shoreline to Port Burwell...

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