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  1. 1990 bronco II acceleration problem.

    I have a 1990 bronco II, that is mis-behaving.... the problem is that... it seemed to be running fine til I put a can of 'sea-foam' into the fuel tank to clean things out (fuel line and injectors). Now it will run fine for awhile, but then it starts sputtering, bucking and dogging when you...
  2. 1990 bronco II poss fuel system problem

    Its been running fine other than idling a little high (2.9 liter EFI 5 speed stick - about 1200/1400 in neutral or with clutch depressed). Starts easily when cold, but when warm is a little harder to start and seems to 'miss' a little at first, then smooths out. Today after driving about 40...
  3. 1990 bronco II engine revs higher when brakes applied

    I have a 1990 bronco II 2.9L 4wd 5 speed. I have recently noticed that when I apply the brakes with the clutch in, the engine revs about 500 rpm higher. New vacuum assist installed, several new brake lines installed... it appears to be intermittent... any suggestions, maybe the...

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