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  1. travis

    What's a good slave cylinder for my t5?

    We'll it's time for a clutch for my 87 2 wheel drive. Its a 302 with a t5. Currently has a Nissan slave in it now. I've put about 10 thousand miles on that current set up. Works ok but I'd like a little more peddle than what it's got. Have to push clear to floor and only has about half inch...
  2. travis

    87 low beams dim and high beam indicator always on

    My high beams seem fine but my low beams are very dim. Also my high beam indicator is always on when headlights are on. I checked and cleaned multi switch or turn signal hi low beam switch witch ever one you want call it checked all connections and grounds. All seem good. Checked volts on...
  3. travis

    ac compressor ??

    i have a 99 ranger 4.0. with the heater on the ac clutch ingauges and dissengages. heater works fine just didnt know if this is normal?? ive had other vehicles that do this if its set on deffrost but this does it on all heat settings! just annoying!! :shok:
  4. travis

    302 power steering

    whats the best bracket for power steering pump? really like the crown vic ( i think thats what it is ) bracket. it has the altenator mount on top anyone have a part number or what years im looking for? any help would be great. :icon_confused:
  5. travis

    first gen clear marker lights

    i have a 87 ranger and im tryin to find some clear corner marker lights. i can find turn signals but not the side markers. any ideas?

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