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  1. 3.0 5spd auto engine swaps

    Mainly most of this is a what if situation and the 302 conversion is pretty common around where i live and i might in the end doing it. I had a 95 mustang 5.0 with 4.11 gears and i’m just not a fan of the mpg so i was mostly looking into the 2.3 eco when i saw that the trans in the same in the...
  2. 3.0 5spd auto engine swaps

    Yea i was looking into it and it uses both in the S-type jag and ford thunderbird it’s attached to the 5r55n and looking at the bell pattern on the 5r55e doesn’t look too far off from the pattern on the AJ30.
  3. 3.0 5spd auto engine swaps

    I’m sure that my 3.0 is going out soon and though i’m sure i could find one and throw one in for cheaper then i could swapping in something i’m dumb and would like to toy around with the idea anyway. Though i’m a fan of the ol’ 5.0 it’s also fun to look around at other options Looking at the...
  4. 1.7 Roller rockers

    Yeah I was too but looking into them both his car and the arms themselves hes was running them in his fox body and wanted to swap back over to 1.6 and the reviews dont look too bad but who knows honesty might be trash and ill blow my shit after that id probably would swap in something new so i...
  5. 1.7 Roller rockers

    The biggest reason i ask is because the rockers that came up were 125 rather then the 3-400 that tom has and because i have to dig into it anyways so it was more a passing thought “maybe”
  6. 1.7 Roller rockers

    a set of aluminum Roller rockers at 1.7 for a ford 302 3/8 just went up on FBMP i’m wonder what are the chances they could work and if they’ll do anything, I need to tear the valve cover off to replace the gasket eventually so i was wondering the possibility of doing it while i’m at it..
  7. For Sale Mevotech upper control arms

    Forgive me if it’s a dumb question but 2wd or 4wd?
  8. Burning oil questions

    Turns out my engine is burning oil and I may have run it very low but hasn't broken... over the weekend under load the oil gauge needle would stay constant but on idle It would shake violent had checked my oil low and behold low. There is oil on what looks like outside the valve cover but not...
  9. For Sale K&N Cold Air Intake System for 3.0 V6

    Did this end up selling?
  10. Exhaust head 4.0 to 3.0 fit

    That’s a shame they look bolt pattern so close
  11. Exhaust head 4.0 to 3.0 fit

    Yes Mostly asking because looking at pictures they look fairly similar for bolt holes
  12. Exhaust head 4.0 to 3.0 fit

    Yes I know dumb question but would a exhaust head from a 95-97 4.0 fit a 3.0 it’s a performance head so i’m wondering if it would help, I just got a 3.0 02 and don’t want to mess too much but i want to open the exhaust and TB up for fun And if there’s any good tips for a 3.0 that would be...

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