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  1. Rusted crossmembers

    Thanks so much to both of you for having taken the time to take a look! I sure wouldn’t mind moving south but unfortunately there’s no south up here in Canada:). I would not be able to do this myself and spending the money on labour is likely too expensive..it does have a drop in bed liner . I’m...
  2. Rusted crossmembers

    The worst one is the second one from the back around the center of the bed and then there is a completely rusted out part in the area at the very front of the bed where it meets the cab. Full disclosure as you can probably tell by now I’m not mechanically verse and do not really know what I am...
  3. Rusted crossmembers

    Hello everyone! Looking for opinions....I’m driving a 2009 B4000. The frame is a bit rusty but in pretty good condition with no holes. The rear cross members however are in pretty bad shape rust-wise, lots of holes and basically rotted out. From a bit of research I understand this is expected to...

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