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  1. Dash swap

    Thanks that answers my question.Im more worried about physical fitting. Ive seen a 95+ ranger in a 89 ranger just wasn’t sure it had the same footprint. Ive done an sn95 dash swap on a fox body not too worried about the fab
  2. Dash swap

    So I know this has probably been asked and discussed but I can’t find it anywhere.(yes I tried to search it). But will a dash from a 99 explorer bolt in a 90 bronco 2? Reason i ask is we are buying my wife a 90 bronco 2 and i have access to a 99 explorer with a good 5.0 , trans and transfer...
  3. R2.8 Conversion Coming Soon!

    Are there any updates on this?
  4. Extended cab long bed swap

    I remember reading a thread a few years back about the 98-11 frames were 2 pieces and a 98-11 longer beg could technically be made by mating the Rear of a long bed with the front of an extended cab and I thought someone was doing this conversion, but i cant find it. I tried google and our search...
  5. SOHC 4.0 thermostat housing upgrade

    This one was only 40 on rock auto but one of the sensors were wrong for my application. No biggie mine were fine.
  6. Volvo EPAS Conversion

    Any updates on this?
  7. SOHC 4.0 thermostat housing upgrade

    The SOHC 4.0 in the Ranger (and I believe the explorers) came with a plastic thermostat housing that is prone to fatigue and failure. Well mine failed last week in my search for the best price on a replacement i came across a SPK part on rockauto that is Aluminium. It comes with new sensors and...
  8. Explorer sohc on ranger

    Has anyone done this? I have an 06 ranger and when I did my body lift I didn’t want to drop the radiator down because it made it Vulnerable to puncture so in order to make the fan and intake work with the radiator raised I had to remove the shroud(I’m not ok with this for long term). The side...
  9. 2003 SOHC Silicone Reinforced Hose Kit?

    Look into Kubota instead of the outdated Mercedes
  10. Dome light question/idea

    so i have an 06 extended cab ranger i am in the process installing the explorer overhead console and the triple dome light. my ideal/question is has any one installed a standard cab dome light in the back of an extended cab for more lighting?
  11. 08 FX4 SAS

    What’d you do with the take off parts?
  12. 1354e question?

    Can an electric 1354e be converted to a manual case? Or do I just need to look for a manual transfer case
  13. rear seat?

    is it possible to swap the forward facing seats out of a new ranger into a 94?
  14. My 94 ranger build

    She's a 94 4x4 4.0 5 speed extrended cab. I picked her up for 500 buck with a bad engine. I have a 95 explorer that I'll be stealing parts off of for the build. This will be my DD once it's up and running
  15. Dash swap.

    I'm looking into swapping a 95 explorer dash into a 94 ranger. I have the entire explorer. I've thought about swapping the entire harness. Explorer is a 4.0 auto(bad trans) Ranger is 4.0 5 speed (bad engine) I want to keep the 5 speed. Any pics show in the difference between mounting would be...
  16. 2010 brake questions

    ok im sure this info is out there but i cant find it( yes i used the search). can the 2010/2011 rear brakes be put on a 94 8.8(ranger)
  17. 2010 brake questions

    ok im sure this info is out there but i cant find it( yes i used the search). can the 2010/2011 rear brakes be put on a 94 8.8(ranger)
  18. 3.5 ecoboost 2nd gen ranger 4x4

    Just looking for information as of right now. What i know thus far; Ford makes a stand alone harness for use with 5 speed/mechanical auto Quick time makes a bell housing(i believe that they would make a custom one for the ranger) M5od- hd would probably be best for the power. I believe that a...
  19. 89-97 drop spindle idea

    True and I'll keep that in thought. I'll have a set this week and ill take a few measurements to see it its worth it

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