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  1. Which exhaust manifold for a 2.3 Duratec?

    Also, the MX5 Miata headers are supposed to bolt on.
  2. 4x4 front sway bar + 5" lowered = clearance issues?

    An update: Got the 4wd sway bar on today. The shorter endlinks that come with the DJM arms worked fine. Found the poly bushings that came with the sway bar and bolted it right up. No clearance issues with the lower suspension. It feels like it handles better/flatter, but I haven't really romped...
  3. 4x4 front sway bar + 5" lowered = clearance issues?

    Thanks for the reply. The Roush kit came with its own bushings that I unfortunately misplaced. I bought set on this forum last year from an older member. I've got the DJM lower arms that came with their own endlinks and they work for the 2wd bar. I'll have to see if they work on the 4x4 bar...
  4. 4x4 front sway bar + 5" lowered = clearance issues?

    I have the Roush front sway bar (which I read was just a rebranded 4x4 sway bar), that I want to swap in. Does anyone know if the bigger sway bar will hit the frame if the truck is lowered 5" on coil spring 2wd?
  5. Ranger lean

    I have a 5/3 drop using Belltech 3" springs and DJM lower arm, and DJM flip kit. Mine had a noticeable lean when I first did it, but now after a year, the height difference is barely noticeable. I think there's a 3/4" difference between left and right. I was also thinking about relocating the...
  6. For Sale 2002 2wd coil spring Roush front sway bar (29mm thickness?)

    I have a never mounted 29mm Roush/4wd front sway bar up for sale. It’s for the coil spring front end. I can’t use it because I’m lowered so the bar hits the frame under compression. I bought this as a front and rear set from @laser3kw’s for sale posting...
  7. Stainless steel braided brakelines?

    That's what I was thinking, but if it were more cost effective to get the shortest option for a lifted 4x4 I may go that route. I'm running the Ranger in autocross, so I figured why not.
  8. looking to lower my 98 Ranger but im new to mini trucks

    You have an XLT, so I'm pretty sure you have coil fronts.
  9. Stainless steel braided brakelines?

    Is there any reason why stainless braided lines aren't available for Rangers? Is the weird, long banjo fitting able to be replaced by "normal" brakeline fittings? I want to replace the lines but I want to go with stainless braided lines, but none are available off the shelf. That made me...
  10. looking to lower my 98 Ranger but im new to mini trucks

    Since yours is a 98 I’m not sure if you have the torsion bar fronts or not. I did the DJM flip kit and DJM shocks, with Belltech 3” springs and Belltech shocks. It was 3/3, but I still wanted it lower. Added 2” lowering blocks and DJM lowering arms. Now sitting at 5/5 and I like it a lot. It’s...
  11. Project Eco-Mod rat, sleeper, 4-banger, thing

    I’ve gotten her stance just about the way I like it now with the 2” blocks added. I don’t think I need a notch kit, but it’s too early to tell. I also prefer the tailgate the way Ford intended it to be. Driver side: F 27.5” / R 27.25” Pass side: F 28” / R 28” Measurements are a lot closer...
  12. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Removed the redneck 2x4 “tailgate.” Rattle canned the factory tailgate flat black. Ace spray paint actually lays down fantastically. I think I like it better than Rusto. Only time will tell if it’s any good. Purchased a 2” lowering block kit at Advanced. Hope to get it installed this evening...
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Hauled a floor jack and toolbox up to my friends house to change the oil in his Honda Odyssey. His wife put about 10 quarts of oil in it because it has a small oil leak. She genuinely thought an engine could never have too much oil. I explained the engine mechanics to them, but he is an actual...
  14. Welding a 7.5 rearend?

    I've heard about "shimming the diff" but never really looked into it.
  15. Welding a 7.5 rearend?

    Well, shoot. I should've just went straight to YouTube.
  16. Welding a 7.5 rearend?

    I remember back in my drifting days those of us who were too poor to afford a proper LSD welded our open diffs into a locker. I distinctly remember my tires chirping in parking lots. For those of us who aren't looking to go mudding or crawling, is welding the 7.5 a viable option to achieve...
  17. Project Eco-Mod rat, sleeper, 4-banger, thing

    -new tie rods inner and outer -wheel bearings and hubs/rotors -new lower arms -new upper arms -Summit 2 chamber muffler with side exit -Roush rear sway bar (courtesy of @laser3kw) Need to lower the rear 2 inches with some lowering blocks. The sway bar was easy to install. Would’ve been...
  18. Lower control arm camber bolts??

    I've got them on my upper arm, and since my truck is lowered 5" even if the lower arms had camber bolts, they would be out of spec anyway, so he said I did good by just replacing the lower arm bolts with regular 5/8" bolts. I'm more worried about toe than camber. In my experience toe chews up...
  19. Lower control arm camber bolts??

    That's what I thought, but the guys at the shop were confused because the lower arms didn't have camber bolts.
  20. Lower control arm camber bolts??

    Did the 2wd coil front have camber bolts on the lower control arms? I'm not seeing any available through RockAuto. The only camber bolts are for the upper control arms. I have those, but cannot find any for the lower arms. That's why I'm wondering if the lower arms did come with camber bolts.

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