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  1. Lynx_Gen

    Lynxs 95 Ranger Compounding Twinchargerd 2.3 2B

    Well all, time to start a build thread I suppose. mostly its more of a log for me to go back and referance what I did when and what parts from where etc. A mod/service/maintenace history. So anywhays, the start. I've had 2 Merkur XR4Tis. (Technically still got em, although the one is stripped...
  2. Lynx_Gen

    HAHAHA!! some people jsut dont know...

    he most classic "I got a kickin set of wheels, and i'll tell y all about, but dont have the slightest clue in the world what im talking about.." check out this 1400hp twin turbo v6 stang with stock tranny and rear end..etcetc.. lmfao...
  3. Lynx_Gen

    Merry meet everyone!

    Hey all, new member here. Not realy a stranger at all to fords or rangers. Was helping ht inlaw look for anew truck the other day (He just bought a 2000 f250) but he mentioned maybe getting a lil rnager for his youngest daughter and newest driver. Got looking online and next thing i know, I...

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