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  1. Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    My 1984 b2. Still a work in progress. 4 inch lift with 33's. Hate the color. Changing that soon.
  2. Up grading my 2.8 l v6.

    Thank you for the information. I'll look into both.
  3. Up grading my 2.8 l v6.

    I would also like to agree to a five-speed manual. I currently have a 4-speed manual in it. That's what it came with. If you have information on a good trans swap it would be much appreciated.
  4. Up grading my 2.8 l v6.

    Is there an availability for parts to rebuild that distributor when I find one?
  5. Up grading my 2.8 l v6.

    Thank you. I will start checking junk yards.
  6. Up grading my 2.8 l v6.

    I have a 1984 Ford Bronco 2 with the 2.8 l v6. I am upgrading and I'm in search of a distributor to replace the sock one. Nobody has the Cardone distributor. Everywhere I've looked no one can get it. Is there an alternative to that distributor?

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