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  1. Faulty Fuel Injector causing mis at startup?

    You need something like this: Fuel And Transmission Line Disconnect Tool Set, 7 Piece (harborfreight.com) . It goes around the metal tube on the fuel rail and pushes back into the connector. this pushes the spring inside the connector outwards so the connector can slide off. I have this exact...
  2. 88 Ranger running rich when hot

    Just to close this out. I replaced the ECU, the MAP sensor, and the O2 sensor all at the same time and the truck is running great.
  3. 88 Ranger running rich when hot

    I changed the 2 prong sensor and connector. I checked the fuel pressure and it looked good, the regulator was replaced recently. I had no codes KOEO and 41 during KOER.
  4. 88 Ranger running rich when hot

    My sons Ranger started running rich after the engine warms up. It runs great when cold. When it is hot it runs rough and often dies when you come to a stop. The fuel mileage dropped to about 8-10 MPG. I changed out the temp sensor and the connector. many of the other sensors I have swapped with...
  5. Fuel issue

    @RonD When the truck is running right the fuel pressure sits around 32 running and 40 when key is first turned on. When it sputters the fuel pressure has dropped to 20 or less. I believe that is due to the restriction described above.
  6. Fuel issue

    I got the reservoir off and removed the bottom without breaking it, ( that sucker was on hard). There was no filter. I did spot a piston wrapped with a spring in the inlet side. It was just rattling around and if it got in the right position it shut off flow from the inlet. I drilled it out and...
  7. Fuel issue

    No I have not changed the filter in it. I tried once to remove the bottom and it wouldn't budge. I guess I will remove it and try again. It also seems interesting that they have the return line go through the filter and not just bypass it like the front filter.
  8. Fuel issue

    I'm working on an 88 ranger. It seems to be suffering from fuel pressure issues after driving for a short time, (intermittent issue of course), I have replaced both fuel pumps and checked the wiring. One strange thing I noticed is on the canister thing that is is between the tank and the high...
  9. Oil issues

    Thanks, I will take a look at that. I will be pulling the engine soon. This engine was rebuilt 4 years ago with new cam and bearings, maybe the bearings rotated and blocked the oil holes.
  10. Oil issues

    I am working on a 90 B2. It seems like there is insufficient oil flow to the right side of the engine. The lifters don't seem to be staying pumped up, and there seems to be very little if any oil in the rocker shaft. I have checked the oil pressure with a gauge and it is running at 45 - 50 psi...
  11. Strange fuel connection *Solved*

    I found my answer on another forum. It just needed something pushed into a little slot on the front of the connector and it slid right off. I just bent a 90 on a cotter pin, pushed it into the slot and success. As you can see there are 2 slots. The high price tool has 2 tabs to push the white...
  12. Strange fuel connection *Solved*

    How do these tools work?
  13. Strange fuel connection *Solved*

    The other end of the hose is a spring clip connection near the power steering.
  14. Strange fuel connection *Solved*

    The other hose (inlet to fuel rail) has a hex nut type of connection. I have the tools in your first post and they will not go in. the collar at the end of the hose is tight against the regulator outlet. I do not know what the other end of the hose looks like, I'll look tomorrow. This is what...
  15. Strange fuel connection *Solved*

    I am trying to remove the fuel line from the regulator on a 90 B2. it is different from any other I have seen. Any idea on how to remove this? Thanks
  16. Crank no start

    I have an 88 which was doing the same sort of thing. Replacing the MAP sensor got it running again. I have a thread " https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/88-ranger-code-41.191441/ " which talks about problems I had and the solution.
  17. 80 PSI Fuel Pressure "Oh My"

    Thanks, I will order one. I need to take it off because the fuel line connector looks very different from my 89 and I want to make sure I get the correct one.
  18. 88 Ranger code 41 *solved*

    Problem solved!! MAP sensor replacement solved the no start issue. It also needed a new O2 sensor, and TPS that output 1.0 volts at idle. I was able to pass emissions.
  19. 80 PSI Fuel Pressure "Oh My"

    I am working on my sons 90 B2 which is suffering from low gas mileage and high idle (as much as 2500 RPM). I changed the injectors thinking they were leaking. It still sounded like it was not running right. I put on the fuel pressure gauge and it is running 80 PSI. I assume this is too high as...
  20. 88 Ranger code 41 *solved*

    I actually had the fuel rail out and replaced all the injectors with an old set. While cranking the engine there was some fuel spurting out of the injectors. I put the engine back together and still no start. So I ran the KOEO tests again and got a code 22 which pointed to the MAP sensor. I...

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