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  1. Crashed and bent the front part of the chassis. Now what?

    I mucked up the whole front end. I need a body and possibly a chassis. I haven't been under and measured to see if it's still straight. Regardless, the supports for the body at the radiator can no longer attach to the chassis due to the ends being bent. What do I do? I'm thinking, because the...
  2. White smoke after idle adjustment

    Hey Gents, '85 B2 Cologne 2.6 Carb'd Back story: I bought this B2 about a month ago, it came from upstate new york to Prescott, AZ. I'm not sure the owner had the carb adjusted for the 5k altitude. I went in and adjusted the high and low idle according to manufacturer specs and now I'm blowing...
  3. Fill hose not venting

    Hey guys, I just bought my B2 and someone else put a plastic tank on it. I don't think they did it right because when I fill up, I have to go slow, otherwise fuel will foam up and spray back at me. Is there a vent built into the fill hose or on the tank I need to check for clogs/kinks?

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