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  1. What is this?

    Thanks that just looked strange when I pulled the assembly out. I am just replacing the pump and sock for now. I will replace the whole assembly in next year or two. I have a 83 and changing the fuel pump is so muck easier.
  2. What is this?

    The part number is xl5u-90918 but I can't seem to find what it is or is suppose to do. I am replacing the fuel pump on a 99 2.5. I just want to know what this is.
  3. Rebuilding a 2.0 Question.

    Right now I am starting to fix up my old 83 with a 2.0 and no I am not going to engine swap it.............yet. I am trying to get it back on the road but having to replace the rad. core support cause it is rusted trough and the front fenders to due to the same problem of rust. I have a Racer...
  4. Emissions what can be removed

    My little 83 has emission stuff that I don't know if it can be removed. I have already taken the smog pump off since I do not need the emission stuff on it here. Its the black box that sits on the passenger side fender that I was wondering if I could remove it with out causing any problem? What...
  5. 2012 v6 Mustang rims

    I need to know if I'll need spacers to fit rims from a 12 v6 mustang on my 83 Ranger? My brother has new rims for his car and instead of selling the old ones wants to give them to me to go on my truck.

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