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  1. Does the 3.0 have waste fire

    Question is does the 2001 3.0 have the waste fire ignition ????? Thanks
  2. Maybe wrong fluid

    My neighbor used Valvoline Maxlife multi vehicle transmission fluid in his transfer case in a 2004 ranger ,it says Dex/Merc and mercon V along with a bunch of other vehicle manufacturers , question is will this fluid trash his transfer case. I told him that I use Dex/Merc in my 2004 and 1994 and...
  3. Off-road lame

    This has got to be the biggest joke of a 4/4 site ,bunch of arm chair cowboys !!!:icon_rofl: And another thing it seems as no one wants to get together and meet up for some intelligent conversation , oh that's right you wouldn't want to miss dancing with the Stars or a bunch of ass grabbing ball...
  4. Ranger fans ?

    Anyone around morrow county Ohio into rangers and offroading ?
  5. TRS decals ?¿?????¿?

    I want them for my builds . Are they coming back????????
  6. Wheel spacing ?????? HELP

    Figured it out.......Go figure
  7. 2.3 or 2.5 pinto engine

    I was once told that the 79/80 pinto had the same engine as the 4 cyl.Rangers ,is that true and will a pinto 4 speed tranny work in a ranger with a 4 cyl. Hope Ron jumps in he should know.
  8. ATTENTION PlumCrazy

    Here s the pics
  9. Testrrrrr

  10. Which valve cover for 94 4.0

    I need new valve covers for my 94 4.0 OHV and all the eBay ads say they only fit 95 up . What's the difference between the 94s and the 95 and up covers or will they work or will I have to do some engineering ? Thanks as always.
  11. Pulling carpet this week

    Only place I could find to ask. Pulling the carpet out of my 94 ranger with a floor shifter and I've heard that there is some kind of heat shield padding around the shifter and also was told that when it is removed that it makes the inside of the truck very hot , is this true and if so what are...
  12. Which rear end

    I know someone can answer my question so it goes . I have just bought another 94 ranger ,ext cab ,4.0 , stick with a 373 posi ,I know from the door codes . So are these the torsion rear ends or something else? Thanks ( Edit ) .Is it possible this truck has a traction lock instead of a...
  13. Help with shift question??

    2004 ranger . Question is when I put it in 4 low and drive on the collum should it try to upshiht to 2nd gear and then drop back to first gear . This is driving me up the wall because I'm afraid I might need an overhaul. Thanks
  14. Locked up

    ----- Hope someone can help on this one. Figured it out¡¡!!!!! M (edit) ¡ I m going to use a shorter belt
  15. P8c testtest

  16. Timing Cassettes ???????

    Does anyone know when Ford changed to the upgraded timing cassettes in the 4.0 sohc engine ? Mine was built in May 2004 and I would like to know if I should look into replacing them , I'm going to be handing this ranger to my daughter and I would like it to last for her when I'm gone. The motor...
  17. Help with body lift !!!!

    I've never done a body lift before and my question is this. I bought a 2 inch body lift and it was shipped without the instructions , do I use or not use the original body to frame rubber bushings with the spacers or just use the new spacers by themselves , just not sure and the truck is already...
  18. What to disconnect when welding???

    I'm going to be doing some extensive welding on my 94 4\4 4.0 ranger , x bracing where the spare once was ,boxing in the front frame for the winch, rock sliders , roll cage , and much more . So my question is what all should I unplug or disconnect besides the battery??? Thanks to all..:icon_welder:
  19. central ohio

    Any members around Sunbury,mt Vernon,marengo,delaware,central Ohio that wheel in or around these towns . PM me and let me know so we can talk. Thanks
  20. Ohio off road

    I'm looking for other off roaders in central Ohio ,Sunbury,marengo,centerburg,mt Vernon areas that do light off roading ,no rock crawlers or people out to just tear up property or their rigs ,I would like to get together and explore and turn some wrenches . I'm building my 94" s/c into a street...

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